Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Two Former Libertas campaign managers say Vote Yes to Lisbon as David Cochrane brands Declan Ganley a hypocrite

This blogger and David Cochrane have not always seen eye to eye but I am impressed by his attacks on his former boss. Cochrane along with Naoise Nunn ran last year's No campaign for Libertas. This year both they are both supporting a Yes vote on Friday and have severed their links with the discredited meglomaniac, Declan Ganley.
You should look at David Cochrane's tweets , yesterday he branded his former boss a hypocrite and Yes he is still voting Yes to Lisbon.

Cochrane who owns and is editor of was top gun in Libertas until this summer. Having worked with Declan Ganley for nearly two years , I think his open condemnation of the christian fanatic Ganley should be taken on board.

Most have just seen his bluster on TV. Cochrane knows the man .

# 6:06 PM Sep 29th from web

# I campaigned (ran a campaign!) for a No to keep our Commissioner, and that's why I'm voting Yes on Friday.4:04 PM Sep 29th from web

# Ganley yesterday accused people on Yes side of refusing to talk about the treaty. Today he's attacking O'Leary - what a hypocrite.4:03 PM Sep 29th from web

He is still voting Yes and says Ganley

Naoise Nunn in Wall Street Journal urges a Yes vote

DUBLIN -- Naoise Nunn voted No in Ireland's first Lisbon Treaty referendum in June 2008 and, as executive director of the anti-Lisbon political campaign Libertas, was also instrumental in defeating the ratification effort.

But when the nation votes for a second time this Friday, Mr. Nunn is likely to be one of many voters whose views toward the treaty -- which is viewed as underpinning the future shape of the European Union -- have changed. He now plans to vote in favor of the treaty.

One major factor for him and many other voters is the sharp deterioration seen in Ireland's economy in the months since the first vote. The recession has hit Ireland hard and unemployment is soaring, bringing back bleak memories of the 1980s, before the Celtic Tiger boom years transformed the country.

[Irish airline Ryanair boss Micheal O'Leary shows his support for the Lisbon Treaty in Dublin, Ireland, on September 29, 2009. ] AFP/Getty Images

Irish airline Ryanair boss Micheal O'Leary holds up a sign supporting for the Lisbon Treaty on Tuesday.

"The public psychology last summer was vastly different to where it is now," said Mr. Nunn, who left Libertas in September of last year. "Last time around, there was an adolescent sense of invincibility and immortality. But we've had to grow up so fast."

Mr. Nunn said a series of added EU protocols -- clarifying Irish neutrality and maintaining its anti-abortion laws, while safeguarding independence on taxation and the right to keep its own European commissioner -- amount to a better deal for Ireland. see full article

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