Friday, September 11, 2009

He's back: Ganley returns as reported here last night Far Right figurehead to fight Lisbon Treaty Again

Declan Ganley has returned to fight against Lisbon 2. In a feature interview in the Wall Street Journal it was announced he is coming back. This depsite Ganley saying only two weeks ago that he would not get involved as it was a waste of time.

This bloggger contacted Irish media outlets last night. Irish Times conntacted Ganley today but he said he would not comment until Monday. However Libertas Nein Danke can confirm that Ganley will be featured in an Irish Sunday newspaper on Sunday 13 September and his plans will be announced. The website is currently down but no doubt will be back in time to launch a campaign by the flawed and dubious self appointed leader of the xenophobic No To Lisbon campaigns currently running in Ireland. COIR the far right alledged Catholic group has covered the country with false advertising and scare tactics on the Lisbon Treaty.

The return of Ganley indicates that despite his Libertas being crushed in the European Elections in June his backers are willing to fund another attack on Europe and further damage Irish prospects for an economic recovery.With UKIP campaigning in Ireland Ganley is now determined to bring his brand of extreme right wing politics back to the streets of Ireland.

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