Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Libertas "Anti Worker" says Charter group Des Geraghty

As highlighted reppeated on this blog Libertas Memoranda of Associatiomns with allow them to raise funds fro strike breaking have now been highlighted , at last, by Irish Trade Unions, Charter group.

Libertas criticised as 'anti-worker'
MARTIN WALL, Industry Correspondent
The pro-Lisbon Charter Group has strongly criticised Libertas for being anti-worker.
The chairman of the Charter Group, Des Geraghty, said the Libertas articles of association suggested it would contribute funds to anybody resisting interference in its business by strike movements or organisations.
Mr Geraghty said that Libertas, which is campaigning for a No vote, was anything but pro-worker.
Meanwhile, the Charter Group, which comprises trade union activists campaigning for a Yes vote in the referendum, said that it was essential for jobs and workers rights
Mr Geraghty said that Ireland’s future depended on export-led growth and that this required a strong economy in Europe.
“Only Yes can help to achieve this, and a No will only weaken Europe economically”.
The secretary of the Charter Group, Blaire Horan, said it was “absolute lies” to suggest the minimum wage would be affected as a result of passing the Lisbon Treaty.
He also said controversial European Court of Justice rulings such as the Laval case - which had been highlighted by the No side – would have no impact here.
He said Ireland had extensive minimum wage protection, not just a basic minimum wage of €8.65 per hour, but also higher legally enforceable rates in a range of sectors such as construction, hotels, retail and catering.
“These minimum wage rates apply to all workers in Ireland irrespective of their nationality. Workers are fully protected on pay and the Laval judgement has no impact here. The claims of a race to the bottom are just not factual”, Mr Horan said.

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