Friday, September 18, 2009

Libertas declare war on the Irish People

According to a post on some opinions in Ireland indictae that Libertas' latest campaign is nothing short of a declaration of war against Irish democracy band the Irish people
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Libertas billboards are a declaration of war against Irish democracy and Irish people
I have seen three Libertas billboard designs which all seek to make the Lisbon campign a referendum on the current Irish govenment.
This inspired a few thoughts and I thought I might get debate flowing by adding those below.

Libertas have launched their campaign against the Lisbon Treaty based on an emotive populist attack which completely sidesteps and avoids any of the issues raised by the Lisbon Treaty.
In their previous European electoral campaign they sought to render the election to a simple referendum on the Lisbon Treaty in which the entire population of the EU could participate. In both these campaigns they chose cynical emotive appeal over the actual issues and election that was at hand.

In Europe they recruited far and wide but largely far, the far right, while citing Transparency, Democracy and Accountability as their slogans. Europe rejected their voice and Ireland rejected their plans to halt internal migration by introducing work visas between the North and the Republic

In their latest campaign they are seeking a referendum on our democracy.
This is a cynical attack on our democratic system. The members of the Dail, elected by our enfranchised voters decide the composition of the Dail. The elected representatives of the ruling party or coalition of parties decide our Taoiseach. We do not elect our Taoiseach in referenda. That is not in our constitution.
Our democracy survives and functions on the will of our people and Irish people will dictate which party will lead them or, as is most likely the case, which coalition might lead them in general elections.

Libertas will not be that party and dissatisfaction with our present Taoiseach can be ameliorated by only two means should they occur. 1/ the TDs elected democratically adhering to the Fianna Fail party may elect a new leader who would become Taoiseach or in a general election a new configuration of parties or a party would emerge.

That is how our democracy functions. If we wish to change the democratic mandate of the people we must do so by either revolution which defies and abrogates our constitution or, adhering to the Constitution of the Republic of Ireland, by a general election of all franchised voters.

Libertas have not said they seek an unconstitutional revolution yet they seek an unconstitutional usurpation of our democracy in a campaign opposing a referendum on a treaty.

Libertas are therefore a fundamentally undemocratic political grouping, they are not a party as there is no mechanism by which to join the party.

They have an unelected leader and he by virtue of his catalysing of funding is self appointed.

Regardless of funding sources it is my contention that Libertas are a party that far from promoting democracy seek to undermine our democracy and degrade our freedoms.

Their latest campaign is the final proof of this.

The government of Ireland should and must rely on the democratic will of the people of Ireland, as proscribed by our constitution, in a general election.

Any attempt to undermine that is a declaration of revolution and is an act of war against the Irish People.

For an opinion piece on Libertas , Ganley and their campaign see Libertas? Nein Danke! Say NO to Europe's New Right Wing: Libertas campaign seeks funding for a campaign already paid for which seeks to undermine Irish democracy.

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