Thursday, September 3, 2009

British Far Right to Fight for a NO Vote In Ireland

Today's Irish Times reports that the far right xenophobic UKIP will campaign in Ireland urging Irish voters to Vote against the Lisbon Treaty. The UKIP are playing the race card in this campaign urging Ireland to be insular and xenophobic.

They have already sent over UKIP MEP, Marta Andreasen, who RTE News FAILED to identify as a member of the far right party.
The campaigning by a British Ultra Right Wing party marks a low point for our state.
It seems that we should Vote No to help British fascists.
The leaders of 1916 would certainly turn in their graves over this. Someone should explain that to COIR.
Ironically the UKIP will be supporting Sinn Feins stand on the Lisbon Treaty.

THE UK Independence Party (UKIP) will send a leaflet to every Irish home urging a No vote in the Lisbon Treaty to close an “open door” to immigrants.

It will also argue that the final decision on sensitive ethical issues such as abortion and euthanasia will pass from Irish to European courts if the treaty is ratified.

British MEP and UKIP leader Nigel Farage said: “With the Charter of Fundamental Rights, which is justiciable at the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg, it will no longer be your Supreme Court that takes decisions on really hot and contentious issues.” He added the European court had a record of “political activism”.

Mr Farage, who is a trenchant critic of the EU, described the Government’s guarantees on the treaty as “laughable”.

He said UKIP had decided to get involved in the Lisbon referendum campaign because the “No side seemed to be a bit thin on the ground, and someone needed to redress the balance”.

UKIP, which won the second biggest vote in the recent European elections in Britain, has 13 MEPs. It is the biggest party in the newly- formed Europe of Freedom of Democracy group within the European Parliament.

Mr Farage said it would cost more than €100,000 to fund the leaflet drop and other campaign activities in Ireland. The Europe of Freedom of Democracy group would provide the cash for the campaign even though the parliamentary group does not contain a single Irish MEP.

Mr Farage, who rejected any suggestion that UKIP’s involvement in an Irish referendum was political interference, added: “We are not the Tories, for Christ sake. We are not the party that governed Ireland and fought tooth and nail against the creation of a free state and all the rest of it. We are unashamedly a pro-British party but that doesn’t make us anti-Irish.”

One of the most controversial arguments in the campaign leaflets which will be sent to Irish homes in the next few weeks is a claim that the Lisbon Treaty will open the door to immigration.

“I suspect no one else would touch this issue with a barge pole but we will deal with it in an utterly responsible way,” said Mr Farage, who added that UKIP was not in any way racist and had five black or Asian candidates in the recent European elections.

Mr Farage will travel to Ireland next Tuesday to attend a debate on the treaty in Dublin.

Another UKIP MEP, Marta Andreasen, was in Dublin yesterday to launch the NO to Lisbon 2 campaign.

Ms Andreasen, a former European Commission chief accountant, said the EU was giving “no help at all” to member states in the current economic crisis.

“Ireland has had many economic policies that have helped the country grow until 2002 without the help of the European Union,” she said.

Ms Andreasen, an Argentinian-born Spaniard, said she was dismissed from her former job for going public with concerns about accounting systems. “I have seen what happens within the walls of the European Union, and out of that experience I wouldn’t like my children to be ruled by this political elite in Brussels.”


  1. "far right xenophobic UKIP".

    In the same way that the EU is far left, authoritarian and undemocratic?

  2. Well The editor you are obviously completely nuts. Far Left ? The EU? Where do you get off?

    The lies that you anti EU types spout are
    Today is the 70 the Anniversary of the outbreak of World war Two. You and your far right cronies should reflect on that. Your hero Adolf and the equally corrupt Stalin created their pact just as the UKIP (far Right) and Sinn fein (stalinist) have created their pact here in Ireland. Throw in far right American anti abortion liars and ex BNP types, all advocating a No vote. For any one moderate left, centre or moderate right it would appear that the only option is to VOTE YES.

    When you make the case that the EU is far left you lose all credibility.

    fascist Nutters and the far left are AGAINST the EU. Your anti British labour website is amusing. You are not.

    No fascism in Europe Vote Yes to Lisbon. NO BNP/UKIP in Irish politics.

    Keep the nutters on the fringe. Vote Yes

  3. "Keep the nutters on the fringe."

    You're far too entertaining for that, you should be on the Tele.

  4. Please explain how the 1916 Rising and Irish Independence is worth sacrificing for undefined benefits and "safeguards" wrung out of Brussels? Why trade your independence to an unelected Commission that has not passed an audit for 13 years? I think your countrymen at large understand the term "democratic deficit". I should go and listen to Ms Andreasen and learn something before posting rubbish.

  5. I don't agree that they are a 'Far Right' party.

  6. HI Willie a a decendent of someone who actually fought in the 1916 Rising I think my views bear more weight than a facist British party like UKIp or indeed a plastic paddy like Declan Ganley whose neo con and unsavory pals would make the rising leaders spin in their graves. Either we are in or out but Lisbon is not a referendum on leaving the EU just streamlining where we already are.


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