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COIR and Youth Defence the truth at last

Justin Barrett neo Nazi and COIR Youtrh Defense organiser

Coir and Youth Defence

Who are they? They are run by the same people. And from the same building: the Life House on 60A Capel Street. And they make no secret of their links to each other:

Youth Defence is the older of these organisations. It was founded after the X case in 1992. In that case, a 14 year old had been injuncted by the Attorney General to prevent her from going to Britain for an abortion after she had been raped by a neighbour. The Supreme Court found that a woman had the right to travel abroad for an abortion if her life was at risk, including where she – like X – was suicidal. Youth Defence were founded shortly after this and have campaigned since to have the X judgment overturned.

Brian Hickey

Brian Hickey is a leading spokesman for Coir and also for the Christian Solidarity Party. In the 2007 elections, that Party secured 0.06% of the national vote.

Hickey espouses hard line Catholic values. He believes that the use of condoms makes the problems of STDs worse: (from about 4.30 on)

He also says that state grants should be withdrawn from Outhouse, the IFPA and the organisation Barnardos that works to promote children’s rights and protect children from child abuse: at 4.30

On the question of whether gays are “accepted” in Irish society he says:

The answer is that they are and they aren't. They are fully accepted, indeed celebrated, by liberal sections of the media, liberal Protestant clergy and people who have simply been brought up to tolerate them. But the rest of the western world has not been deluded into seeing homosexuality as either normal or healthy. Hence Proposition 8, and the fact that homosexuals don't make up a significant enough portion of the population to be on the panel of Questions and Answers every time a discussion of their rights comes up.”

He is opposed to “liberal views” on divorce and homosexuality: (at 5.44)

His blog links to that of Professor Maciej Giertych, of the extreme Catholic League of Polish Families. Hickey wishes to emulate the success of that party.

Professor Giertych is a controversial figure. In February 2007, Giertych sparked outrage among European Union officials and Jewish organizations by publishing a brochure called "Civilisations at war in Europe" that claimed that Jews "are biolgically different" and "create their own ghettos" because they supposedly prefer to separate themselves from others.

Hickey also links to the website of US former politician Pat Buchanan. Referring to AIDS in 1983, Buchanan wrote in his syndicated column that gays have "declared war upon nature, and now nature is extracting an awful retribution." He also wrote of women that they were “simply not endowed by nature with the same measures of single-minded ambition and the will to succeed in the fiercely competitive world of Western capitalism.” Buchanan also denied that the gas (carbon monoxide) used to kill jews at Sobibor and Treblinka death camps during World War Two could kill anybody. In fact at least 1.2 million jews perished at Sobibor and Treblinka, killed by that gas. Hundreds of thousands more jews were killed by that gas at other death camps like Majdanek and Chelmno.

Richard Greene

Richard Greene is also a spokesman for Coir. He too holds extreme Catholic views.

He is a fierce opponent of same sex marriage and, as leader of the ultra conservative Muintir na hEireann group, told an Oireachtas committee:

“Homosexuals by their relationship itself cannot produce children, therefore they have no need of marriage.”

He also stated his opposition to same sex adoption:

“It would mean a 16-year-old who was homeless could be adopted by a homosexual couple for pervert reasons.”

He opposed Ireland’s decision to sign up to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

He also opposed Ireland’s decision to sign up to the International Criminal Court.

In the run up to the divorce referendum in 1995 he was criticised for stating that Alan Shatter TD and Mervyn Taylor TD, both jewish, did not understand Christian marriage.

Justin Barrett

Justin Barrett was a prominent Youth Defence member and believes that Ireland should withdraw from the EU.

He was the main spokesman of the No to Nice campaign in 2001. That was, until it was revealed that he attended – as guest of honour - a German neo–Nazi rally by the National Democratic Party of Germany. The following RTE clip shows the rally that Barrett admitted to attending. You can see for yourself the men in uniforms and red and black neo-Nazi flags:,null,200,

He also admitted to addressing the Youth wing of Germany’s National Democratic Party.

The NPD has been described by the German security service in a 2005 briefing as being:

racist, antisemitic, revisionist, and intends to disparage the democratic and lawful order of the constitution."

And NPD are not ashamed of it either. Just check out this election poster, which is headed “We are cleaning up”:

Barrett has set out his views on the future of Ireland in his publication “The National Way Forward.” In it, he calls for a presidential style of government which would replace parliamentarianism.

The Sunday Tribune reports that Barrett is still involved with Coir. But, not surprising given his neo Nazi links, this is not public.


  1. There are other far-right's that are alot bigger then Npd,

    Swp in Swiss, Danish peoples party,Norway progress party,Vlad beelang,People of freedom in Italy, Exuly all major far-right party's in westen Europe expect Npd and Nf in french are pro jewish the bnp has stopped being anti-semetic and seems to amdires Israel for killing muslims and looks at them buffer to keep the muslim hordes at a bay

    there is even a change in neonazi idology .Alot of newer neonazis belive muslims are the true enemy of white people and muslims control the media, the banks, un and goverments ,

  2. So the people at the forefront of not granting women full bodily rights are all men... who use women as their spokespeople... Nice... how is it that more people don't know this?
    Thanks for compiling this.


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