Friday, September 11, 2009

Ireland: €60 billion from the EU since 1973. THINK POSITIVE. VOTE YES TO LISBON .Fact What do UKIP stand for???


€60 billion from the EU since 1973.



UKIP, the UK Independence Party, is going to send all Irish households a leaflet asking people to vote ‘No’ to the Treaty of Lisbon.

Little is known about UKIP in Ireland

Here are some facts about UKIP’s policies that might help you answer the question ‘Do I trust these people?’

What is UKIP?

UKIP is a UK political party. It doesn’t have any MPs elected to the UK’s parliament although it does have 13 MEPs in the European Parliament and councillors on local councils in the UK.

What does UKIP stand for?

UKIP is against the European Union and wants the UK to leave the European Union.

UKIP opposes Irish immigration to the UK (including Northern Ireland!) and wants to introduce a system of work permits which would prevent most Irish people from living and working in the UK.

UKIP’s website does not explain why Irish people should need work permits to work in the six north-eastern counties of Ireland.

UKIP wants non-UK registered trucks, including Irish-registered trucks, to pay a special tax to use UK roads.

A huge percentage of exports from Ireland and imports to Ireland are transported via the UK.

UKIP’s proposals would greatly increase the cost of transporting Irish exports to our trading partners in the UK and across Europe. It would make them more expensive and lead to Irish-based companies losing business to competitors. This would lead to the loss of an incalculable number of Irish jobs.

It would also greatly increase the cost of importing vital goods, including basic groceries (and life-saving medicines), into Ireland.

Irish people already pay more for basic groceries than people in almost all other EU countries. Just compare prices in supermarkets in the Republic to prices in supermarkets in Northern Ireland!

UKIP wants to increase military spending and wants to add 25,000 more troops to the British military, some of whom would be based on the island of Ireland.

Each British soldier is paid an average of over £30,365 per year. UKIP’s proposal for 25,000 extra soldiers would cost £759,126,875 per year.

That’s £759,126,875.00 (over €868 million) that could be spent on hospitals, schools and other vital public services.

UKIP oppose the Treaty of Lisbon and supports measures that would increase your cost of living and lead to the loss of Irish jobs.

UKIP are asking you to vote ‘No’ in the referendum on the Treaty of Lisbon.

Ask yourself: ‘Do I trust these people?’

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