Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ganley's latest supporter Greg Lance Watkins and the EU "Soviet"

With supporters of the calibre of nutty Briton Greg Lance Watkins Ganley will have a lot of work bridging the credibilty gap See Greg on video

The guy is as far out a conspiracy theorist as they come. This video discusses the "plot" by the "European Soviet " (Greg's name for the EU) and its attempts to move all meat production to the new eastern European members of the EU. This was achieved according to barmy Gregory by the introduction of Foot and Mouth into Britain.

Everyone should watch this video.

Greg is posting pro Ganley threads on see

1 comment:

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the publicity & link.

    There is also another video available on the web.

    As for Ganley I do not nor have I supported him as I believe his Libertas Party showed his absolute under estimate of just how damaging is The EU, how evil is the concept of a centralised undemocratic unelected organisation making vassal states of its members whilst regulating every aspect of their lives to the gain of the French & Germans in accord with the treaty of Elysee.

    For Ireland to vote yes to Lisbon may pay their politicians but it destroys their National future!

    It is noted that yes supporters consistently have no benefits to offer and then resort to personalised and inaccurate attacks on private individuals with facts backing their opinions.

    Remember to think of the future:
    VOTE NO to Lisbon on 02-Oct-2009 AGAIN!

    Greg L-W.


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