Sunday, October 3, 2010

Declan Ganley "returns" to politics. 3 Oct 2010

As I have long predicted Ganley has returned . As if things were not bad enough in Ireland we will now have a Christian fundamentalist with unsavory links to Europe's far right and US neo cons intent on an all out war on Islamic nations.
During my various campaigns against Libertas I have referenced the similarities between the current economic crashes and the last days of the Weimar republic. The wolf in sheeps clothing is amongst the flock.

The return of Ganley is being discussed now on


  1. As soon as his Twitter account was re-activated his return to politics was a fait accompli. He will run for politics and establish a party - perhaps revitalizing his Libertas outfit - in upcoming elections. His platform will be a shamelessly populist, and he will intend to capitalize on the general disillusion among the public at this point in time, with the system and with other political parties. His economic policy will be neo-liberalism. His foreign policy will be a neo-conservative one (including advocating Ireland's entry into NATO, with which Ganley has strong links along with the CIA and the American neo-con complex in general).

    He will not necessarily outline these polities in his election campaign (see shameless populism he will pursue) but that's what he will implement if elected.

    He's the CIA's man in Ireland; he does not give a damn about the welfare of the Irish people.

  2. i would worry about his militarism more than CIA and I would worry about his extremist religious views and associations with the Christian far right more than either.
    Arthur Daly for TD

  3. We welcome you with open arms Declan. Anyone, I mean anyone would be better than the shower we have running the country at present. As for the rest of the population Nothing was ever proven against Declan Ganley. Bring on the CIA, Christian far right, FBI anyone but the present shower. Declan Ganley is our hero and shut the fuck up when you can't prove anything you are saying.

  4. What has not been proved? I note that Ganley cut and ran from his case against the Village when it became clear that witnesses from the USA were willing to travel to Ireland to illuminate his Iraqi years.
    As to his Christian fundamentalism, that is a badge he wears himself with some sort of twisted pride.
    As I say above CIA would be a blind alley but are you sure that the Irish people would not be worse off if they were left in the same position as the poor Albanians who invested in Declan's privatisation scheme?

    The people can forgive themselves for electing people and then finding out they are liars but why on earth should you encourage them to elect a proven liar?
    The mind boggles.

    As to the author of the comment with the crude language defending Ganley, he/she is also a liar as this blogger has proven a myriad of facts about Libertas and Ganley. Just go through the ultra far right nutters that Ganley recruited across Europe.

    Two last questions, where did donations to the Libertas party go as the company is said by Alan Kennedy to have never traded and how much profit did Ganley make from the Libertas political scam.
    Is Mise Le Meas
    People Korps

  5. Thank you for your comments, but Declan Ganley has not ripped off the Irish taxpayers lke the present shower have. With my hand on my heart I am proud to say that I have funded both his campaigns financially when requested to do so. These donations were of course voluntary but you and I, if you are an Irish citizen, will have to fund all the billions of euro that are being ploughed into the banks and I guarantee you ,dear citizen that you will have no choice in that.
    I sincerely hope that Declan Ganley does not enter the public arena again as he is too much of a decent man as no doubt you, yourself are. So 67,000 voters in Ireland were liars because we wanted change!!!
    I suppose the jobs he has being known to create are not wanted either in Ireland.
    You will wait for a long time before Europe provides 450,000 jobs.

  6. Do you know what and who you donated to? Did you get a receipt? The reason I ask is that the Libertas Party Ltd is said by a former employee never to have actually traded. So where did your donation actually go? Can you see the accounts?

    I have never said 67,000 voters were liars or corrupt, they merely chose a candidate to support whose past raises more questions than he will ever answer.

    If these people wanted change they might have voted for someone who was not a a former FF funder, a former employer of Liam Lawlor, You are aware that Ganley paid Lawlor 25K to "lobby" in Albania in the late 1990s.
    If you want change I would suggest finding a candidate who represents change and not cronyism and the same old elites..

    And lastly how many jobs has Declan Ganley provided in Ireland over the years?

  7. Ahh the engaged talk aout Declan ganley. Well i have met him, challenged him and whilstr not donated him, i did advocate a vote for him in the euro elections. Much has been "speculated" about his past, indeed questions could be clarified, could but not necessaryly SHOULD. DO we scrutinise other candidates the same,should we? maybe yes, but if we hold all to the same level of depth then and only then shall we really see the colour of all the so called politicians. People Korp, you have your point and I have mine, i dont ask you to agree, but accept that my point is as valid. As for who we vote for, well unless you have the same portfolio on all the other representatives then maybe you should share this information with all of us then we can make a better more informed choice and not just someone else as you eluded to in your previous answer.
    Your sincerely, Alan.

  8. Hi Alan, If Declan Ganley had started in political life as a politician or seeking election then your points might be valid. However, he stated out as a one man band financing a political campaign from the comfort of a think tank he owned. Therefore he deserved some further exploration. If the 600 odd posts on this site don’t render him unfit for office then it will people's decision. They may decide to elect Donald Rumsfeld instead? or Garret Kelleher or David Drumm for Galway East. Sure why not? Apple's from a similar tree.

    However, Declan Ganley engaged in electoral politics after this blog was started but that was not something I had no hand in, it was merely his own ego, masters or ambitions that fuelled his ridiculous attempt at getting elected. Should he manage to get elected by the good people of Galway East then he will find it harder to dodge his past and the questions unanswered thus far.
    Why not ask Mussolini's daughter to run or Archbishop Lefebvre's ghost?
    We need Christian fundamentalist war mongers like we need a hole in the head, the IMF or Adolf Hitler....
    just my humble opinion.
    Any man who recruits anti Semites and neo Nazis to a political party has no place in Irish public life , no matter how bad you may think "the other shower" or any "shower" may be , they are not as vile as he!
    Is Mise Le Meas
    People Korps


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