Thursday, September 16, 2010

That may be Israel but I am Gaza

That may be Israel but this is Gaza

The Israeli Foreign Ministry is hoping to use social media to brand Israel and the government is about to spend $25 million on influencing social media. In their first salvo
The campaign will focus on hosting figures the ministry has identified as having significant influence on public opinion. The first step in that effort was seen in ministry involvement in coordinating Arianna Huffington's visit to Israel. She is the co-founder of the prominent Huffington Post political blog.

Arianna's credibility as a commentator would be rather compromised by this cash injection.
The Israel plan is to also promote Israel under the tag "I am Israel," this initiative
features video clips and articles about the average Israeli. The project, part of an effort to change the world conception of Israelis, was initiated by individual Israelis.

In the spirit of peace and reconciliation effected by Israel in a year that it used EU passports to kill, can we have half the funds directed towards a campaign that would be called "I am Gaza" ?
The Huffington Post should lead the way.

Source: Haaretz

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