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Libertas Party Limited never filed accounts because it never traded. If so where did the cash go?

Leader of the Two Year Reich Mr. Declan Ganley of Rivada, Innit.

The Libertas Party Ltd. was incorporated in November 2008 and has not filed any accounts.

However according to a former Libertas employee (currently a turf accountant) who posts as Cookie Monster on, the site run by former Libertas election director and founder David Cochrane, the Libertas Party Ltd never traded. In the below response to questions raised by the striking off of two Libertas companies , the Libertas Party Ltd and The Libertas Foundation Ltd from the companies register in Ireland , Cookiemonster stated that the companies never traded. On the same site he assured readers that an entity called The Libertas Institute was still active.

This begs the question, if the Libertas Party Ltd. never traded where and to what entity did the donations people made to the Libertas Party on their now defunct website and in other fund-raising endeavors go? What "company" took control of funds. Neither the Libertas Party Ltd and The Libertas Foundation Ltd ever filed accounts. The next account filing deadline for the Libertas Institute Ltd. is 30 Septeber 2010. We will await these accounts with great interest.
However it must be asked if the Libertas Party Ltd which was founded to "carry on the business of a European political party" and according to Declan Ganley, speaking to the Sunday Telegraph was going to start " to raise £75 million (€92.8 million) from online donations to run candidates in all 12 of Britain's European Parliament constituencies, and in seats throughout the EU". Libertas sought cash through paypal account buttons on its website. At the time commenting on Ganley's Tweets I wrote
Mar 19th 10:12 AM It's a beautiful day in Brussels also the new Libertas website is looking good from web Except it is devoid of policies and everypage has a paypal button either in the hope of milking the misguided or claiming that where you cash comes from. will we see the pay pal accounts?

Where did the money go if the Libertas Party Ltd never traded? How many Libertas companies were there?
Ganley on the campaign trail in the run up to the Lisbon 2 referendum in Ireland was confronted by the Charter Group's assertion that he and his party were anti-union as he had a strike breaking clause in Memorandum of Association of the Libertas Party Ltd

The Charter Group also criticised Libertas as being anti-worker. Mr Geraghty said the Libertas articles of association suggested it would contribute funds to anybody resisting interference in its business by strike movements or organisations.

However, Libertas chairman Declan Ganley said he was unaware what was in its articles of association. “We should check but I don’t know what it says. We just use boiler plate [standard wording] memorandum and articles of association. But I’m not anti-anything.”

When Ganley was asked mid campaign this question about strikebreaking and his company The Libertas Party Ltd, he did not say that the company was not trading. He said "We should check but I don’t know what it says". What does that mean? Why was he commenting on a company that according to his former employee never traded? Why not just say that company is not trading. It must also be asked , for what entity was he trying to raise £75 million? According to Alan Kennedy is was The Libertas Institute Ltd that " used for the campaigns" but the website collecting paypal donations was the Libertas Party website

The question again is where did donations to the Libertas Party go if not to the Libertas Party Ltd. When will they be accounted for? Did THE LIBERTAS INSTITUTE LIMITED collect the cash or some other company? Were donors aware that the Libertas party was not the company they were paying funds to? And what should be done about this?

"Type Company
Number 428569

Registered 24/10/2006
Status Normal

Effective date: 24/10/2006
Last AR Date 30/09/2009
Next AR Date 30/09/2010
Last Accounts to Date 31/12/2008

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Originally Posted by Sam Lord View Post
So if everything is so hunky-dory why have no accounts been filed? Is it an offence not to file?
Why would accounts be filed for a company which has never traded? Again, the Libertas Institute Limited was the company used for the campaigns and has not been dissolved. It still exists.

(Editors note Cochrane later renounced Libertas's anti-Lisbon stance )


  1. Did Cookie eat all the treats that the plain people of Ireland gave Libertas?

  2. What happened to the batch of accounts due to be filed by 30th of last month PK?


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