Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Polluting sicko billionaires, two Kochs who fund the destruction of democracy in America

Two Kochs

Two Kochs are funding the death of democracy in the USA. These scions of anti democratic agitation quite correctly view democracy, public health care, social programs and indeed society as a stumbling block to their own profit margins. Why two guys who are the third richest persons on the planet should be worried about their own humongous profits is beyond me. However as I have stated before the people who brought us Libertas, and the people behind such ventures in the privatization of politics actually hate the people. Like the industrialists in England's 19th century Industrial Revolution, they see "people" as commodities, misguided and misled by anyone who would care for their welfare. This article is a MUST READ

From the people who brought you the Cato Institute and the Tea Bag "Party" meet the two Koch brothers "Covert Operations
The billionaire brothers who are waging a war against Obama.
by Jane Mayer

Also worth a look from the New York Times The Billionaires Bankrolling the Tea Party

The fact is that these hyper polluting industrialists, (the Koch brothers are among the globes top polluters) needed a grassroots that would campaign for own return to serfdom. The Tea Bag Party is that vehicle. By having what they would term a "nigger, Islamic, socialist" in The White House was their way of gathering the xenophobic far right, trailer park trash, to their cause.
The Koch's daddy founded The John Birch Society, a racist ultra right wing organization. They are mobilizing the very people who will be dying from, whose parents have died from, or who are dying from, their carcinogenic industries to a support a cause designed to remove regulation from their carcinogenic profiteering companies and destroy democracy. Who am I more scared of, Osama Bin Laden or these Koch-suckers? You can guess. .

Lets give these Koch brothers a run for their money. Boycott Koch Industries and their products

Their campaign of hatred is a campaign against humanity.


  1. The JBS is not a "racist" organization although it is true that they opposed civil rights legislation in the 1960's and they welcomed segregationists into their ranks as members, speakers, and writers.

    There are many African-Americans and other minorities who are members of the JBS and/or who serve in their Speakers Bureau or who have endorsed the JBS.

    It is always easy to demonize people and groups we dislike and there are many valid reasons to reject the JBS -- but you discredit yourself and your position by falsely claiming that the JBS is "racist".

    If you GENUINELY believe that -- then QUOTE something from JBS literature which you regard as "racist" commentary.

  2. I would disagree ernie1241! Koch's Big Daddy “The colored man looms large in the Communist plan to take over America,”
    Opposing civil rights for black people in the USA was an integrally racist act regardless of the puff put around it. I note that you want to pretend to be a fraternal society like the Orange Order. The Orange Order are big in Togo, South Park has a character called Token. Why don't you tell me how and why John Birch Society is not racist? If I am convinced I will redact.


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