Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Busy life of a democratic Dictator Declan Ganleys week on Twitter'

I am begining to wonder if I should start my own political party,after only one week on twitter I already have nearly half the number followers of Libertas. No To Libertas has 49 follwers after only one week while Libertas leader Declan Ganley's has only 103 after weeks and weeks and advertising on his website. (counted 2.00am GMT 25 March 08). Though the cowardly Ganley has blocked me from being his Twitter pal, many of his far right European satellite Liberti have joined with me at NO To Libertas
where you can follow Libertas Nein Dankes twitter presense there
My own comments are in bold

  1. Very warm reaction to Ray O'Malley tonight, he's a great standard bearer for Libertas. Ireland East will be lucky to have his as their MEP.
  2. Just finished an interview with BBC World, keep a look out for it.
  3. Left Germany after fundraiser last night, back to Ireland today for interviews and launch of Ireland East Ray O'Malley candidate tonight.
  4. Leaving for Munich after the successful launch of Libertas Malta.
  5. Taking a quick tour of Valetta harbour in malta, a country steeped in history.
  6. Having traveled to and met people from every EU nation it's strengthened my belief how vital a strong democratic EU is to all of us.
  7. Getting ready for a press conference at Libertas HQ in Brussels, should send some ripples though the anti-democratic EU institutions
  8. It's a beautiful day in Brussels also the new Libertas website is looking good
  9. Some press coverage of our protest still in the office meeting with new candidates and supporters, it's great! Oh this one must be the breakfast thing.

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