Monday, March 16, 2009

Mr. Openness and Transparency Declan Ganley blocks NoToLibertas from his Twitter feed and fails to do interview

For several weeks now this blogger has been in touch with Libertas HQ in Brussels where Anita Kelly was dealing with my request for an interview with the putative dictator aka scandal-plagued Declan Ganley.

My last update from Anita was on 16 Feb 2009

Libertas Communications 16 February 2009 16:00 To:

Dear pk
Re. your interview request, we are thinking about it and will get back to you on it.
Anita Kelly
Best regards
Anita Kelly
Director of Communications
Tel: +32 2 743 80 04/ +32 498 11 21 48

Since then Anita has not replied to my mails
such as

people korps

5 March 2009 03:13

Dear Anita,
This Swedish story provides us with a unique opportunity for Declan to
do the interview. As Libertas have not issued a general statement on
this I would welcome a discussion with Declan at this time especially
an exclusive.

As your staunchest blogger critic I would entertain agreeing to
ground rules for an email interview.
1/ I will send questions
2/ Declan will send answers
3/ I will send Declan any clarification questions
4/Declan will send answers
5/ All will be published verbatum.

I trust that will satisfy any nervousness Declan may have doing this interview.

Best Wishes PK

Alas Mr Transpanecy has chickened out and has gone so far as to block NoToLibertas from receiving his Twitter updates from today 16 march

You have been blocked from following this account at the request of the user.


So much for openness and transparency. This blogger has been asking questions about Mr. Ganley for some months now, Ganley having been given opportunities to answer those questions and to "be transparent" and "accountable" has decided to remain secretive, and unaccountable.

I was holding back some stories as I was affording Ganley an opportunity to give his right of reply. He has shunned that right and unless I hear from Libertas re the interview by Weds , (tomorrow being our national holiday St. Patrick's Day) I shall have to begin publishing in the public interest.


  1. What do you expect from a bald faced liar?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Crazy Bald Head
    Bob Marley and the Wailers

    Here comes the conman
    Coming with his con plan.
    We won't take no bribe;
    We've got [to] stay alive.

    We gonna chase those crazy -
    Chase those crazy baldheads -
    Chase those crazy baldheads out of the town. "


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