Friday, March 20, 2009

Libertas invite Libertas Nein Danke author People Korps to apply to run for Europe

This blogger has been invited by Libertas to be a candidate in their forthcoming elections for Europe. I have naturally filled in the form and will hopefully be running from the inside the Libertas BIG LIE and help to destroy the far right in Europe. Ganley must be stopped!

Are Libertas so desperate that they are even inviting me to run for them?
date20 March 2009 13:25
subjectBe a candidate

Friday 20, March 2009

Be a candidate

Brussels has been taken over by a bunch of elite, unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats. Now, after wrecking our economies, they are trying to pull off the biggest power-grab in history with the anti-democratic European Constitution (now renamed the Lisbon Treaty).

That’s what this June’s European election is all about. It’s your last chance to take Brussels back from the élite and let the people have their say. For those of us who never got a vote on Lisbon… this will be our referendum.

While the other parties rely on the same, old politicians with the same old, tired ideas… we want YOU to run. We need real people with fresh ideas, not out-of-touch élites.

That’s where you come in. Here’s your chance to become a candidate, or nominate someone you know to be a candidate, to join our movement.

Change never comes easily. Brussels bureaucrats fear a movement of the people. That’s the problem with the national parties. While they may be able to effect change in each member country, they are powerless in Brussels (where even the largest national party controls only a tiny fraction of the seats).

That’s why Libertas was created. The only way we are going to take back Europe for the people is by creating a pan-European movement, unlike anything that’s been seen before. Libertas is our last and only chance to give everyone in Europe their say.

The consequences of keeping the status quo in June mean simply surrendering to the Lisbon Constitution. We will have an unelected European president, who is totally unaccountable to the people. Our sovereignty will be ceded to Brussels in fifty key areas, forever. Brussels could even gain tax-raising powers for the first time.

We must act now. This is your chance. Please join us.

Thank you for all that you do.


  1. >Are Libertas so desperate that they are even inviting me to run for them?

    They are obviously an open party, if you run for them you'll need to agree with their policies

  2. Libertas must really frighten you. What a sad individual you are People Korps. No matter I used your link to pledge my support for Libertas and offer to be a genuine candidate.

  3. You are a bit of a fanny People Korps.


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