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Libertas Election Financing ? How Libertas circumvent election laws to receive Ganley's money revealed by Polish Libertas VP

Vice President of Libertas Poland, Artur Zawisza, confirms funding circumvention.

In order circumvent the law regarding election financing Declan Ganley and his Libertas are reported to be using a clever ruse. Individual national branches are reported to be taking out bank loans which are secured by Declan Ganley according to one report.
These loan allow the national branch of Libertas to fund itself with money that originates in their own countries. However, it is reported that after the elections the national branches of Libertas will default on the loan allowing the banks to seek their repayment from the guarantor.

By using this facility the national branches of Libertas can flout their country's laws and receive as much cash as Ganley is prepared to give them.

As the "loans" from the banks are just that, loans, the upper limits on donations will also not apply. The fact that Declan Ganley will later repay the loans means that he technically is NOT funding the elections, they are bank loans are, he will be technically financially covering defaulted loans not the elections themselves directly.

Therefore when Ganley says that he will not be funding the European election he is technically correct. What he omitted to say was that he had worked out a cleaver scam that allows him to pay for the elections later while being able to deny that he is paying for the elections now. Ganley will be merely paying back loans that other people took out and he guaranteed.

This story is breaking in from Poland today with reports confirming that Libertas is availing of this loop hole in Polish electoral law which strictly outlaws Polish parties from taking money from foreign political parties and individuals.
According to one report
"Our electoral system, however, prohibits the financing of party committees and candidates from abroad. To circumvent this prohibition , Polish Libertas take out loans on which the security//property will be provided by an Irish multimillionaire. After the Polish campaign Libertas will not pay its debts, the guarantor will do so, that is, Ganley"
'Dziennik': Start w wyborach? Ganley nam zap?aci

Thomas Butkiewicz writing for Dziennik says that one of the Polish Vice Presidents of Libertas, the League of Polish Families Daniel PAWŁOWIEC, said that Libertas would fully comply with funding laws.
However his co Vice President Artur Zawisza let the cat out of the bag by going further confirming both this source of funding and Declan Ganley's personal involvement in the ruse. ""The most important thing for banks is to assess the creditworthiness and the collateral. I know they consulted with Mr. Declan Ganleyem" - when asked about the source of funding election campaigns.

Original report

Google translate version

Official" - How to cheat the electoral commission
Google translate version

So far Libertas Poland is reported to have received 250,000 euro, Libertas Slovenia 250,000. euro and Libertas Lithuania has so far received 100,00 using this ruse.

According to a source are using this device throughout Europe to "circumvent the electoral law".

In Ireland in 2008 Ganley said his anti-Lisbon campaign was funded by many legal small donations but Ganley later admitted "loaning" Libertas 200, 000k. The source of the estimated 1.5 million euro that Libertas spent has never been disclosed.
This figure was more than twice what Ireland's senior government partner Fianna Fail spent.

How does a party that says it will bring democracy and transparency while fighting elites maintain credibility when they use such a ruse to deliberately circumvent national laws, while at the same time taking money
This lack of clarity and transparency and the deliberate searching out and use of loopholes is quite the opposite of what Declan Ganley is saying his party stands for.

Mr transparency Declan Ganley is leading this subterfuge.

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