Monday, March 30, 2009

Libertas Germany are charging 240 Euro or 1% of students income for membership per annum

Libertas Germany are charging 250 Euro for annual membership and 1% of income from students and unemployed. They have a minimum membership fee for the latter two categories of 24 Euro. They are currently seeking to collect 4000 signatures to allow them, to run in the European elections in Germany. These they are collecting in the street and at train stations. Is 240 Euro not an elitist fee level for membership to an untried political party that has no policies?

Libertas Germany
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Der Mitgliedsbeitrag wird in der Satzung festgelegt und beträgt aktuell 240,- Euro im Jahr. Schüler, Studenten, Arbeitslose und Rentner zahlen nach Selbsteinschätzung einen jährlichen Mitgliedsbeitrag in Höhe von 1% ihres Jahresnettoeinkommens, mindestens jedoch 24 EUR pro Jahr.

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