Monday, March 16, 2009

Libertas France can't speak French according to Libertas the pan european political party blog

Alan Kennedy Libertas intern and Ganley acolyte

The amazing stupidity of Libertas HQ planners in Brussels is manifest in the fact that the Libertas France Twitter feed is being written in English according to Libertas the pan European political Party blog. How does Phillipe de Villiers feel about that?

These twitter feed are being written by interns of Libertas like Alan Kennedy and good time girl "Tanya Libertas". These kids don't realise that association with fascists is something that will stick to their reputations for life.

However they should realise that in France it is quite useful to speak a little French especially if you are courting the support of far right aristocrats like Phillipe de Villiers and are hoping to gain votes from Le Pen's nazi frenchmen and women in the sticks.


  1. Amazing speech of Declan Ganley for the opening press conference of Libertas in France :
  2. Libertas France on facebook (sorry)
  3. Libertas France on Facebook :

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