Thursday, March 5, 2009

Austrian MEP Hans-Peter Martin turns his back on Libertas on day bribery scandal over 1 mil euro offer to Swedish party is reported

Austrian MEP Hans-Peter Martin breaks with Libertas

Austria's oldest newspaper Wiener Zeitung reports online that independent MEP Hans-Peter Martin will not run for Libertas.

On Feb 19, 2009‎ Wiener Zeitung reported that Anita Kelly Libertas spokesperson in Brussles when asked if the candidate would be independent Austrian MEP Hans-Peter Martin, Kelly said: "Mr. Martin is a great supporter and friend of Libertas". However she would not confirm he would run. Ganley has been courting Martin for some time. Martin attended the Ganley funded Eurosceptics dinner for Vaclav Klaus in Dublin.

see Irsih Times report EU opponents invited to Ganley dinner

MEP Martin rules out to run for Libertas
Wiener Zeitung - ‎6 hours ago‎
Austrian inde- pendent MEP Hans-Peter Martin will not run for re-election this June on the list of the Irish anti-EU "Libertas” party

Did Martin realise that after the Swedish allegations that Libertas attempted to bribe the political party June List/Junilistan that running for Libertas would spell electoral failure?
Martin, who is running for re-election to the European parliament on June 13, is campaigning as an anti-corruption "Mr. Clean. Libertas obviously failed in that regard.

The Swedish affair also raises question about MEP Phillip de Villiers. How much have Libertas given or promised his france far right MPF for their support for Libertas?

Will European voters support the purchase of their national eurosceptic parties by Libertas? Can any politicians who is currently planning to be in Rome on 25 March do so now without peple asking the obvious question
"What is their price tag"?

For a party claiming to seek democracy and transparency this latest dishonest and possibly criminal act by Libertas should prove to all how slippery secretive and dishonest they are.
the European public need to now know who is paying for all this.

Irish Times on Libertas attempt to buy Swedish party

Hans-Peter Martin, Junilistan und Libertas

MEP Hans-Peter Martin will unabhaengig bleiben, also wird er Libertas nicht noch antreten. Libertas ist eine irische Partei, die gegen den Lissabonvertrag ist. Martin beschreibt sich: "ein großer Unterstützer und Freund von Libertas."

Es gibt berichten, dass Libertas eine schwedische Partei (Junilistan) fast €1 Millionen angeboten hat, wenn sie mit Libertas fuer das Europaparlament in Juni (unter dem Name "Junilistan-Libertas") kandidieren wurden. Junilistan war nicht sehr begeistert, und sagt der Presse die Geschichte. (Auf Englisch). Junilistan ist auch gegen den Lissabonvertrag.

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