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Have Libertas secured 3.39 % of the French electorate? 2 former French presidental candidates may run for Libertas June 7 09 EU poll

Frédéric Nihous smiles for the camera

It may seem like good news for Libertas but will the French vote for traditionalist cadidates who run for Libertas? Peoplekorps in France reports the rumours and the feeling on the ground and concludes Libertas will turn off traditional hard right French voters and may drive them back to Le Pen.

Rumours abound in France that a second candidate from the last presidential race will run in the north West contituency(Nord-Ouest (Basse-Normandie, Haute-Normandie, Nord - Pas-de-Calais et Picardie),Picardy region in Normandy for Declan Ganley's Libertas in the European elections.
Frédéric Nihous leader of Chasse Pêche Nature et Tradition (CPNT) the Hunting , Fishing, Nature and Tradition party has not denied the rumours. His party are expected to announce an election pact with Phillipe de Villiers Mouvement pour la France (MPF) on 11 March. The MPF have indictated that they will run 2 candidates for Libertas. The date 11 March is also the date announced for the launch of the new website for Libertas France.

Frédéric Nihous got 420.097 votes (1,15% ) while Philippe de Villiers received 815.781 votes (2,24%) in the first round of voting nationally in the élections présidentielles de 2007 en France. Their candidatcies were publicity stunts as neither had a hope of winning. Both parties exposes anti-EU policies.
Though de Villiers may have a chance at retaining his seat it is not known how the Franch publuic will take to the pan European Libertas ticket.

In Paris this weekend this blogger asked a group of French people from the regions but living in Paris what they thought of Frédéric Nihous. At first they could not remember that he ran in the presidential election dominated by Sarkozy and Royale. On reflection they recalled his party and declared him a joke. The prospect of his running for Libertas, a party led by a British man of Irish decent and a man who made his living as a US Defence contractor, was the subject of much comment. Nihous stock went down from joke to "idiot from the fringe" and "lunatic".

"No one will vote for him or his American party" said Jean, originally from Brittainy, "the CPNT are for old people and are about an old Gaulist rural led vision of France. That they would be running candidates for this Ganley will get no support from that little base. They would prefer to vote for Jean -Marie (le Pen)".

The association with Libertas could be a nail in the coffins of both candidates electoral chances and unhappy right wing voters may well recourse to the old far right reliable le Pen and his Front Nationale candidates in the European elections. Le Pen's daughter Marine LE PEN will also be running in the Nord Quest constituency for Europe. It will be interesting to see how they react to Ganley and his party.
Libertas will aid Frédéric Nihous a lot with their vast funding. Already they have hired a team of top communications professionals and are spending hugely on their central campiagn. that before they have even announced their candidates which they will do in Rome on March 25th, the 52nd anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Rome.

Frédéric Nihous relaxing in the woods

Frédéric Nihous tête de liste dans la circonscription Nord-Ouest ? - Ce n'est pour l'instant qu'une rumeur, qui pourrait toutefois rapidement être officialisée. L'ancien candidat à la présidentielle pour Chasse Pêche Nature et Tradition (CPNT) devrait être la tête de liste, dans la circonscription Nord-Ouest (Basse-Normandie, Haute-Normandie, Nord - Pas-de-Calais et Picardie), du parti européen souverainiste Libertas, dont fait aussi partie, pour le scrutin de juin, le Mouvement pour la France (MPF). Patrick Louis, numéro deux du parti de Philippe de Villiers, était de passage dans la métropole lilloise mardi. Le député européen MPF a confirmé qu'un « accord de principe » avait été trouvé entre le MPF et CPNT pour cette élection. Ce secret de Polichinelle sera officialisé le 11 mars à l'occasion du lancement de la campagne du MPF. L'élu n'a par ailleurs pas démenti la candidature du Picard dans la région.

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