Saturday, March 21, 2009

Europe wide Libertas in last ditch effort to get candidates

Its seems a pan Eurpoean call for candidates was put out today by Libertas. Despite the fact that they said they would announce candidates and present them at their rally in Rome on March 25. They are still desperately seeking candidates Polish Polish journalist Dominika Pszczolkowska, the Brussels correspondent for Gazeta Wyborcza, has also blogged about her receipt of an offer to be a Libertas candidate. She was as bemused as this blogger was. I have still heard nothing from Libertas and several hours have passed since I sent them an email to say I would run fro them. With only a few days to go I before the Rome meeting I will be hard pressed to make it unless they decide pronto!

sobota, 21 marca 2009

Well, not exactly me. They have just sent an e-mail to people who registered on their web page to propose themselves or others as candidates.

Here is part of their message:

Libertas invite Libertas Nein Danke author People Korps to apply to run for Europe

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