Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Austrian court gets it wrong in Ganley judgement

Not weapons? Ganley's Rivada Pacific mobile communications equipment allows
troops to deploy in areas and quickly set up communications device that help in the
targeting of people, buildings and the guidance of missles and airstrikes.

Libertas are claiming that an Austrian court has ordered Format magazine to print a retraction of what Libertas call lies. It appears that Format said that Ganley was an arms dealer. Now this blogger is not sure about Ganley selling actual guns but of course that is possible. He claimed in 1995 to own the Kipelovo secret airbase in Russia which according to Ganley had 40 Tupelov Bear F long range anti naval recon planes on the runway. Arms was a big business among nasant oligarchs. The Austrian court obviously has a distorted view of what an arms dealer is in these modern times..

Ganley and his company Rivada Networks do supply the US military with communications equipment which is essential for the operation and deployment of many weapons systems. Communication being such an important part of modern warfare it is impossible to not include communications equipment in the weapons category.

No missiles, no air-stikes, no renditions or torture of prisoners happens without the use by troops of communications devices.

It may have been a technical point but Rivada and Ganley are in the weapons industry, they just happen to supply the communication platforms for troops to use in battle. If you are wondering if communications paltforms are integrated into killing machines just look at "drones" that both spy, communicate and can fire missles. Drones are usless without communications systems.

Here is what Libertas had to say.

Austrian magazine Format prints retraction after publishing lies about Libertas Chairman Declan Ganley

Austrian weekly magazine Format has printed the following retraction:

"Mr Declan J. Ganley doesn’t deal in weapons. He is a businessman, whose company supplies entities such as police, fire, medical, and disaster response personnel with interoperable communications equipment and services. American companies are his clients too."

Libertas is always happy to clarify any inaccurate reporting about its members, and will continue to have lies published about it or its members publicly retracted.

Well I don't think you will be getting any retractions from this bloggger. Ganley is a war monger and a war profiteer. Rivada provide the military with essential equipment which is part of weapons systems and therefore must be categorised as weapons.

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