Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ganley employee straight out army to head Libertas drive in the UK

Lt Col Robin Matthews Leader of Libertas UK spews the usual Libertas line on Europe. All rhethoric and no substance.
Libertas has announced that Lt. Col. Robin Mattthews the former communications officer for the British war machine in Helmand, Afghanistan is to leads Libertas' election efforts.
Matthews was only recently employed by Ganley to run his Brussels "cabinet".

Matthews is the second Ganley employee to be mooted for this role,. the other being Ganley's security officer and former commander with the Met and ex head of Europol Kevin O'Connell. O'Connell has been employed to counter what Ganley claims is a smear campaign against Libertas. Of course there is no smear just questions that need to be answered. O'Connell is obviously of more use to Ganley as a snoop rather than a candidate.

According to Libertas these employees of Ganley's will "bring more democracy" to Europe. Had Matthews not already been employed by Ganley/Libertas swould have been asked about how much he was being paid after last weeks Libertas atttempt to buy a political party in Sweden. As it stands his top pay rate as a military officer was just under £80,000.
Ganley still will not confirm if he will run but says he will not spend "his own" money and won't bankroll Libertas. Again this blogger asks who is funding Libertas and its offers of 1 million to just one party?
Matthew straight from his job spin doctoring for the British Army in Afganistan got straight to work today:

"We believe the European Union desperately and urgently needs to change. Our view is that Libertas' pro-European approach is the only possible way to achieve this," he said."

In his last job Matthews gloried in 'deliberate and surgical strike''s that the US and UK military claimed to effect in their War on Terror. In his last job Matthews claimed that his war in Aafganistan was "delivering a better life, and progress, to the Afghan people."

Now that he is trying to bring democracy to the UK can we expect humvees, hellfire misssles and random airstrikes killing civilians in London, Birmingham and other UK cities?

If Libertas is progress please tell where the nearsest cave is. I will live there.


see This and older posts re Robin Matthews here

Matthews and his wife Frances attended the Ganley's eurosceptic dinner in honour of Vaclav klaus see here

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