Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ganley spouts bull in bid to get farmer's votes

Declan Ganley, the scandal-plagued leader of Libertas, has finally declared his intention to run in the European elections in June.

The last few minutes of his speech at the 5 star Glenlo Abbey hotel outside Galway is available below.

He attacked Brussels environmentalist for not knowing the names in Irish of "the little creatures on his grandfathers farm".

Ganley also appears to looking for sympathy and claims it is hard to be lied about everyday.

Ganley should realise that it is harder being lied to everyday.

He could give answers to the questions rather than prevaricating and acting like he is being victimised.

This blogger would like to know what happened to the savings of 50,000 Albanians who invested their life's savings in Ganley's Anglo Adriatic Investment Fund.

There were much less than the 200 hundred people expected but a video of the follically challanged Furher of Libertas talking bull was quickly available on youtube.

Smash the rise of global Fascism
Smash Libertas
Expose Ganley

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