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Libertas statement clash again on 1 mil payment offer

Though one Libertas spokesman John McGuirk admitted that talks regarding 1 million euro did take place another Libertas spokeperson Anita Kelly says that they did not offer cash. McGuirk's statement came two days after kelly's and is the latest from Libertas. Sören Wibe critised the "foreign billionaire." who he says wants an EU army. This is ironic as Ganley and Libertas used the false claim that Lisbon ratification would lead to conscription in Ireland in their campaign to stop the ratification of the treaty in Ireland. Here

New sets of European elections

Publicerat 2009-03-03 19:54 Published 2009-03-03 19:54

The Irish nejpartiet Libertas set up in Sweden's EU elections. But the party accused of having tried to buy the winner of the last parliamentary elections, Junilistan.

They tried to buy us for 10 million, if we called ourselves the Junilistan-Libertas. But we rejected it, "says Sören Wibe, which tops the list ballot paper at the June European elections in June.

Libertas is a party created by the Irish businessman Declan Ganley, who led nejsidan to victory in Ireland's referendum on the Lisbon Treaty last year. He wants to start lots in all 27 EU countries to stand in parliamentary elections.

n. According to Sören Wibe was Declan Ganley on the visit to Sweden in January to negotiate with Junilistan.

Election approved Libertas Sweden since they got together the 1 500 names required. En av One of the June List's founder, Jesper Katz, stands as the official partibildare. . Katz would not comment on the allegations, but Libertas spokesperson Anita Kelly denies that it offered money.

Junilistan received in European elections in 2004 supported by finance, but Sören Wibe says they do not receive money from any "foreign billionaire."

Nor do we know what Libertas stands for except that they are against the Lisbon Treaty. . It seems they want a strong EU, with the president and the army", says Wibe.

Irish Times on Libertas attempt to buy a Swedish party

Statement by Junilistan
. The Irish businessman Declan Ganley and his party
Libertas has offered Junilistan ten o'clock million to become part of
Junilistan. The offer was rejected of course by Sören Wibe.

  • Sören Wibe Sören Wibe

In principle, the Monday a bid for us.. We rejected this course, immediately, we are not for sale. Det här strider ju mot allt vad vi tror på. This is contrary to everything we believe. To be financed by a foreign billionaire in a political party . The actual offer is a direct rudeness, "says Sören Wibe to Ekot today-
Politics is not money. Politics is credible and that it is honest in its message to voters. . We strive to represent the people against the elite.en utländsk miljardär är fullkomligt otänkbart givetvis, säger Sören Wibe. That we would receive money from a foreign billionaire is completely unthinkable of course, "says Sören Wibe

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