Saturday, March 21, 2009

Farmer candidate Raymond O'Malley joins far right neo con militarists and worries his "credibility is on the line too" for Libertas and Ganley

I almost felt sorry for the misguided former member of the Irish Farmers' Association executive Raymond O'Malley, who will run for Libertas Ireland in the Leinster constituency for the EU. He says "My credibility is on the line too . . . I've no doubt that answers will be given about Mr Ganley." You poor poor man!

Mr. O'Malley you are running for a party with links to the extreme right, to neo Nazis and xenophobes. If you don't agree with their politics abandon your candidacy now>
If that part of Mr. Ganley's party fails to bother you then you only have yourself to blame.
You will have no reputation worth spitting on if you continue to associate with this political monstrosity.
Ganley has avoided answering questions from Ireland's election ethics body, SIPO, on funding last year's Lisbon campaign. He has given no information about who is funding the multi million euro campaign Libertas has mounted for the European June election.

Transparency is telling us now.
Democracy is having a real not a private party.
Accountability is answering the questions that are put to you about moneys you are spending and more importantly the source of that funding.
Libertas have none of these attributes.
Aine Kerr Political Correspondent Here

Saturday March 21 2009

A LIBERTAS European election candidate says he has firm assurances that the organisation will answer all questions about its funding.

Raymond O'Malley, a former member of the Irish Farmers' Association executive said he obtained the assurances before agreeing to run for Libertas in the June 5 elections.

His decision to run in the East (Leinster) constituency comes amidst continuing questions on Libertas finances.

A report last week stated that the organisation failed to provide the State ethics watchdog with adequate information on how it funded its expensive campaign for a 'No' vote in the Lisbon Treaty referendum.

During last year's campaign, libertas leader Declan Ganley refused to say how Libertas was funding its activities, stating only that it abided by campaign finance rules.

After last week's report revealed Libertas's failure to provide information first requested by the Standards in Public Office Commission (Sipo) last June, Fianna Fail accused the party of "not being willing to operate under the law". Last night, Mr O'Malley said he sought and received assurances that all questions about Libertas funding would be answered by the end of the month.


Confirming his decision to run last night, Mr O'Malley told the Irish Independent: "My credibility is on the line too . . . I've no doubt that answers will be given about Mr Ganley.

"I'd heard that Mr Ganley was a gangster funded by the KGB. Suddenly that died off and now it's the CIA. I thought, God this guy is a latter day 007 but I found that is not the case. He is a very astute business man and very keenly interested in what's happening politically."

Although owner of a biofuel company with four other farmers, Mr O'Malley describes himself as an "everyday farmer".

The Co Louth beef and cereal farmer joins leader Declan Ganley on the list of Libertas election candidates, with Caroline Simmons expected to run in the Dublin constituency.

Mr O'Malley will be competing for votes with two sitting MEPs -- Fine Gael's Mairead McGuinness and Fianna Fail's Liam Aylward -- in the three-seater East constituency.

Fine Gael MEP Avril Doyle is bowing out.

"I'm aware that, by running with Libertas, it's not going to be easy but I believe Irish people ... will see through what is really happening," Mr O'Malley.

Libertas was being "mildly persecuted" by political parties and media, he added.

- Aine Kerr Political Correspondent

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