Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Declan Ganley lies again and turns The Maltese Falcon into the Eagle of his Fourth Reich

When we think of Malta we may think of Humphrey Bogart and Mary Astor in The Maltese Falcon. The Maltese Falcon we are presented with today is more reminiscent of the German Eagle of the Third Reich. It presented to us that the less than comely couple, Declan Ganley and Mary Gauci. Gauci, "a civil servant who recently resigned from her post as deputy leader of the right-wing Azzjoni Nazzjonal party".

In fact the Irish Times left out one word in their description of Azzjoni Nazzjonal.

They are a far right party.

The Azzoni Nazzonal or National Action's launch was reported by Malta Today under the headline "Dismal launch for Josie’s far-right party". The party was launched with invectives which were were "unambiguously anti-foreign, staunchly pro-life and pro-family, calling for greater public order, and appealing to “real Maltese” to come forward."

As well as supporting hunting and tradition one leader said "“My personal opinion is that the values of this new party should be based on the natural order and the Catholic order,”"

So Ganley has picked off the deputy leader of this group of far right nationalist and is standing her as a Libertas candidate in Malta. This adds one more xenophobic, racist extreme right winger to Ganley's collection of Europe's political scum.

To celebrate his latest accusistion Ganley in waht is becoming his typical electioneering style lied about the Maltese Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi stating that he had signed the Lisbon Treaty without reading it.
"Mr Gonzi, however, dismissed the Libertas founder’s claims as “completely untrue” and “totally absurd”, according to reports in the Maltese media"

When asked whether Libertas was right-wing, Mr Ganley said it could not be categorised into right or left, and that its candidates came from diverse backgrounds.

"We are very moderate, centrist and pro-democracy," he said.

Libertas had headed the campaign against the Lisbon Treaty, but it still labels itself as a pro-European party.

"If Brussels can ignore the democratic voice of France, the Netherlands and Ireland, how much influence can Malta have?" Mr Ganley argued, in a reference to the referendums that were won by the 'no' camp.

Ms Gauci explained that in her experience as a public officer working with the Finance Ministry, she had witnessed "sad" things which she could not disclose.

She said the scourge of illegal immigration had become a national crisis, and that Malta needed to put its foot down with the EU. However, she stopped short of giving any concrete proposals. Times of Malta

Maltese politicians should be asking how much Gauci cost Ganley. Remember Sweden? The 1 mil euro offer from Libertas to Junilistan. They should also be ready to enforce electoral laws which Ganleys appears to be completely flaunting in Ireland where he has still failed to account for the funding for his Lisbon campaign.

Irish Times

Malta Today on Libertas launch
Former AN deputy to contest EP elections with ‘Libertas’
Sunday, 22 March 2009

David Darmanin
Mary Gauci, former deputy leader of far-right political party Azzjoni Nazzjonali, has been announced leader of Libertas.eu Malta: the local branch of a newly formed pan-European party founded by Irish multi-millionaire Declan Ganley, by whose presence and eloquence Gauci was quickly upstaged at yesterday’s launch event.
A state-registered nurse by profession, Gauci will be contesting the 6 June European Parliament elections under the Libertas ticket. Ganley did not exclude the possibility of enrolling a second Maltese candidate on the new party’s list, but no there was no mention of names of other prospective candidates.
“The setting up of Libertas marks a historic moment,” Gauci said in her opening speech. “Our strength lies in that we are a pan-European party, across the 27 member states. The EU should be more democratic, and citizens of member states should remain citizens.”
Libertas was purposely set up to contest EP elections, with its primary aim being to reform European institutions so that more attention is given to individual member states, thus facilitating the pooling of sovereignty.
The political party finds its roots as a successful lobby group created to advocate a “No” vote against the Treaty of Lisbon referendum, held in Ireland last June.
Reportedly, the retired MEP Jens-Peter Bonde, a well-known Eurosceptic, was one of the main architects behind the lobby group’s upgrade to a European political party.
Among the rumoured MEP candidates running for Libertas abroad, one finds the French aristocrats Philippe de Villiers and Paul-Marie Couteaux – both associated with the Mouvement Pour la France, a far-right Eurosceptic political group advocating anti-Islamism.
But Ganley stressed that Libertas is neither a Eurosceptic party nor a far-right one. “We are pro-European and happy with the pooling of sovereignty. But European leaders have to be accountable,” he said. ”When all our candidates are announced, you will be surprised at the diversity of backgrounds in our list,” he said.
“There has been an attempt by people in Brussels to label us as Communists first, and then of having American interests, but both seemed to fail,” Ganley said in his reply to our questions.
The Irish entrepreneur, who is said to be personally worth around €300 million, is the chairman of a defence contracting company specialising in military telecommunications. It appears that a number of contracts he has with the Pentagon amount to at least $200 million.
“The public is not aware that the majority of laws are initiated in Brussels by unelected EU officials. Your parliament, along with many others, did not hold a debate before ratifying the Lisbon agenda. The signatories did not even read it. Your president will represent you as a European and will not ask you for a vote. We’ve got a problem and we need to fix it.”
Ganley said that if Malta has five seats at its disposal, across the EU Libertas will have many more.
“You need to elect a member in a party whose voice can be heard,” he said before describing other political blocs in the European parliament as “different parties sharing a photocopier and a coffee machine”.
“As we say in Ireland, ‘horses for courses’... and the Libertas horse is built for the European course,” he added. “We are going to be a voice they can’t ignore. We are not even there yet and they already hate us, and the reason for this is because they know that we are the agents of change and that we will be effective, and they’re terrified of this.”


  1. FAR RIGHT! NAZIS! Blah, blah, blah... you've never come up with any solid evidence for any of the crap you're posting here. Get a life.

  2. Malta Today? Mary Gauci, former deputy leader of far-right political party Azzjoni Nazzjonali, has been announced leader of Libertas.eu Malta: the local branch of a newly formed pan-European party founded by Irish multi-millionaire Declan Ganley. Or Malta Today here

    Mary Gauci is a racist and ex member of the far right Azzjoni Nazzjonali. As she only left that party in the last weeks and the party founded in 2007 I think that we can say Ms. Gauci is still of the far right. Which proves that the above commentators Libertas wages were wasted here this morning.

    Libertas have recruited such far right low life throughout Europe

    You don't need me for that though try Wikipedia.


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