Thursday, March 19, 2009

Libertas page on Polish launch from website

Daniel Pawlowiec leader of Libertas Poland and former MP for
Liga Polskich Rodzin who lost his seat in the 2008 general election

The rightist politician from League of Polish Families like Daniel Pawlowiec was president of Libertas Poland. what will happen now? Is he going to step down or are they going to cut Ganley out and keep Libertas Poland going themselves. Though it is great to see the far right in fighting, it shows the false promise that is Libertas and demonstrates that they will associated with anti gay, anti Jewish and neo nazis in order to gain power in Europe.
Declan Ganley is keynote speaker at the launch of Poland’s referendum committee

Close to 500 people took part in an open meeting with Declan Ganley as keynote speaker in Warsaw on the 1st of February. Declan Ganley’s trip to Poland (his second this year) was welcomed with a standing ovation as he was announced by Daniel Pawlowiec as ‘the man who stopped the process of collapsing states’ sovereignties in Europe’.

‘This meeting is a very good message for Poland and for whole Europe. It is the only one way to secure our freedom and democracy in Europe. Our aim is: to reject the Treaty of Lisbon. Poland could be again, like many times in the history, the source of inspiration for other European countries’ – said Ganley to huge applause.

According to Ganley, voting for Libertas in the forthcoming European Parliament elections across Europe would be a strong European voice of opposition against establishment,
bureaucracy and the anti- democratic way of current governance of the EU.

After the speech several politicians from across the Polish political spectrum spoke of their support for future referenda. Speakers included including MEP Podkanski (leader of PSL Piast – Polish People's Party), Boleslaw Borysiuk, the leader of Regions Party, Miroslaw Orzechowski, former secretary of state, chairman of League of Polish Families, and Antoni Tyszka from Union for Realistic Politics (Unia Polityki Realnej).

All of the leaders signed the document of foundation the committee for a referendum on Lisbon Treaty.

The following day, Declan Ganley launched the Warsaw office of Libertas to the press. Daniel Pawlowiec, a former MP and Minister of EU affairs will head the office. Pawlowiec was one of the first people in Poland in public life who highlighted the threat of the Lisbon Treaty to Europe.

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