Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Palin Staffers start wikipedia page Blood libel (American political phrase)

Palin people are trying to shore up the damage see my other post

Palin's staffers have now given her use of the phrase its own Wikipedia page
in an effort to diffuse her latest disgusting own goal I imagine the discussion page will heat up tonight as Wikipedia editors ask for the page to be deleted , the page was started by a Wikipedia user called KeepSouth whose first wikipedia edits were to remove info about a Wasilla male model and Palin's daughter's boyfriend

Levi Johnston see

Yes that is right Levi Johnston father of Palin's grandson by her daughter Bristol , since then (5:29, 22 October 2009 ) KeepSouth has been running a pro Palin campaign on Wikipedia.

Here is a link to Keepsouth's wikipedia edits


  1. Ever heard of Omar Thornton.
    Why wasn't it publised as much?

  2. Did Omar target any Jewish Congresswomen who appeared on Sarah Palin's web site with targets over their constituencies?
    or are you assuming he was anti Palin and therefore killed white people?
    You really are not making much sense.

    Palin runs a hate machine and she specifically targeted Giffords....mind you her Blood Libel slur on Jews, in defense of herself, in the aftermath of the shooting of her targeted Jewish congress woman is a unique tactic even in the hard right circles you operate in Anon....

    You are aware that not everyone who is abhorred by the sight and sound of Sarah Palin is a commie leftie liberal. Palin is unique in that her presence on screen or in person has a Disgust Factor all out on its own that any decent human being can feel and perceive.
    Lets hope she gets the Republican Tea Bagger nomination because that abomination will never get elected as President of the USA.

    The decent truly Christian Republicans will vote for Democrat if she is nominated .

    I think the world may be safe for now from the Christo-Taliban with Palin as the torch carrier.

  3. Sarah Palin is a pro-Jewish and pro-Israel neo-con. You're not making much sense either.

  4. I don't like Sarah Palin much but she's a saint compared to some of the Marxist mass murderers that the left idolise.

  5. Palin is a saint compared..???


    I would be here all night 'refudiating' that idiocy but hey... i might think you get the point!

    Anonymous #2


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