Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What now for Palestinians?

With the leaks from al-Jazeera one must feel outrage and shock at the duplicity of Tony Blair, a supposed peace envoy, and the UK PM who advocted his MI6 plan to imprison without trial people in Palestine, Israel who do everything they can to avoid a peace deal and the PLO/Fatah who have sold their own people down the river to combat their Islamicist foes in Hamas.
What now for ordinary Palestinians? What would you do if it was your country?

In Ireland following the 1916 Rising the people rejected the politicians that said Irish people should fight in WWI when in 1918 they elected a majority of separatist Members to the British Parliament. These MPs set up their own parliament and their armed wing fought a war that was partially successful in that British troops withdrew from 26 of Ireland's 32 counties in 1922.

If you were living in Gaza or the West Bank what would you do if you listened to al-Jazeera for the last few days or read the Guardian?

See The Guardian http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/palestine-papers

Perhaps you would think that there is no point in living in lies any longer.
Perhaps the entire population of the West Bank and Gaza need to form a human sacrifice, unarmed they should march on the borders that confine them, yes thousands will die, maybe hundreds of thousands will die but in one or two days their marching, unarmed, mass of humanity would breach those checkpoints and borders.

If I was a Palestinian I would rather die than live anymore in these conditions and surrounded by liars and thieves.

A March for Freedom, unarmed and dignified would negate the Israeli death machine's propaganda.

A March for freedom would bring death as a peaceful martyr of freedom.

The alternative is a total war which will also cost hundreds of thousands of lives but would be far more prolonged.

Both options are viable and just alternatives when all hope is lost for Palestine, as it is now.

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