Monday, February 14, 2011

Libertas new tactic , random fronts hiding Christotailban

Just checking John McGuirks biog on a websites of "Independents" candidates include

* John McQuirk New Vision
* Cork East - Paul O Neill
* Padraig O Sullivan New Vision
* David McCarthy New Vision
* David McInerny New Vision
* Cork South West - DOONAN, Paul
* Donegal North East – BLANEY, MacDara
* Ryan Stewart New Vision
* Eamonn Blaney New Vision Independent Election 2011 Dublin
* Michael Loftus New Vision
* Nick Crawford New Vision Independent Election Dun Laoghaire
* Mick Reidy New Vision Kerry Limerick
* David Darcy New Vision Independent Longford/W’meath
* Thomas Clare New Vision Louth
* Martin Daly New Vision Independent Mayo
* Meath East - Sharon Keogan New Vision
* Billy Clancy New Vision North Tipperary
* Roscommon – FLANAGAN, Luke ‘Ming’ New Vision
* Sligo Nth / Leitrim – Alwyn Love New Vision
* Donegal South West – SWEENEY, Ann

but go to the candidate drop down menu and who do you get first with out any deference to order, alphabetical or otherwise??

You guessed it ......
John Mc Fucking Guirk aka John McGuirk who says I Want To Help
Bear in mind that this guy worked for Libertas who recruited anti Semites and Neo Nazi Monarchists of the far right Christian fundamentalist kind to the Libertas neo con Chirstotaliban cause. John says:

I’m 27 years old. Last year, my brother left for England because there were no jobs here. Last week, my best friend lost her job and faces a €200,000 mortgage on a home worth little more than half that now. If you’re my age, then you look around this country and see people’s dreams turning to dust, our parents worrying about retirement, and our elderly neighbours worrying about heating their homes. In Cavan, we face the risk of catastrophic further job losses in Quinn Insurance.
People Korps says :

John doing a Bess ( short hand for "get my child a Trinity degree even tough he is ....a rat who would compromise his closest friends for personal political gain ...make it easy for him) course ,
and while there joining three political parties being expelled from two,
, and almost always failing your shitty degree with a miserable 3rd THIRD, and continued thereafter; a recipe for disaster ; YET! . you have remained employed criticizing and postulating on the Irish state who funded your education ? Am I right? Well holy mother of Jesus you may well be blessed. Go with Christ and may you lose your deposit you snake for Nazi scum.

Meanwhile Ganley and co are lurking

Sniff Sniff ha Chow

Update ! 15 Feb 11 am
One of the new Vision Independents David McCarthy contacted People Korps to say
People Korps just to Say as a left od centre Independent who appears on your list I take humbrage with the connection to the failed entity Libertas. I worked on the Yes to Lisbon campaign on both occasions and have also worked with poilticians and groups who could never be acused of being to the right! Don't tar us all with the same brush!
David Mc Carthy CSC

I must point out David that if you read the post above there is no suggestion that you were in Libertas. Your name is on a published list of candidates that someone has fooled into coming together as a second "New Vision" party. FYI Fis Nua (also known as New Vision) have that name registered as a political party which adds usurpation to intrigue. Fis Nua are asking McGuirk to take the words New Vision from his posters.

Why are you on a list with John McGuirk?
Who asked you to join New Vision?
Who is funding New Vision ?

You should either get his name removed from New Vision or I suggest you remove your own name. Otherwise you are on a candidate list with a senior Libertas member and a card carrying Ganley doormat.

There is a contagion from having any association with such people in politics.

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