Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What could be worse than Fianna Fail?? Fine Gael

Eoin O Duffy and his cadre of Blue Shirts
Blue-shirts today Enda Kenny and another blue shirt known as Noonan

With their talent for exploding mines tied to Republican prisoners and their penchant for special powers, the Fine Gael Blue Shirt Party represent the most insidious fascist rump in all of Eire.

You the people of Ireland, according to opinion polls, nearly want them to govern you?

You have a few days left to change your minds.

Vote any body except John McGuirk ( the former Fianna Fail and former Fine Gael and indeed former PD who also worked for a Green candidate, but really Libertas and a lacky of Declan Ganley's , who is now standing as independent New Vision) and definitely except Fine Gael from any preference vote in the forth coming election .

Vote Stickie, commie, trot , green , red , black, yellow or white, mauve or puce or green ...but but do not vote for a BLUE SHIRT any where on your ballot.
Is Mise Le Meas

People Korps

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