Saturday, January 14, 2012

Declan Ganley investigated on Primetime 2008 now he goes to court to silence press,( Again) Yawn

Declan Ganley has finally issued a writ in the High Court in Ireland about the below show. Since then he has claimed all subjects therein are sub judice. In the last week he has recieved a great deal of publicity after co authoring a piece on Federal Europe with Brenden Simms a Cambridge academic and war mongering neo con whose Henry Jackson Society has patrons including ex CIA boss James Woolsey and which is as virulently Islamophobic as Ganley's partners in Europe 2009 were anti Semetic . It will be remembered that Ganley shared an office building in Londonat 128 Mount St, some years back with CIA boss James Woolsey and claimed it was a "coincidence".
More soon as I am working on a piece on last weeks media onslaught by Ganley, in the meantime you can watch Primetime here to refresh your memories or get a gist of what Ganleyite David Quinn is so hot and bothered about

You will note that Colm Keena of The Irish Times states that in all his years of interest in Ganley he has never once seen evidence of a Ganley company showing a profit in public !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as I said above more soon


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