Thursday, January 5, 2012

London Met used undercover agent Mark Kennedy to infiltrate crowd at Stephen Lawrence inquiry in 1998

The first two killers of Stephen Lawerence were jailed in the UK on 4 Januray and in the media upsurge surrounding the case photographic evidence emerged in the media that the Met while being held as being institutionally racists also infiltrated the crowd of protesters with undercover spies.
The Lawerence case is landmark in many ways, the fact that the family brought a failed private murder prosecution in 1996, the fact that the judicial inquiry, the results of which were published in 1999 declared that London's Metropolitan police was institutionally racist and the fact that the law in England and Wales against double jepordy was changed in 2005, due to the Lawerence case allowed for the two thugs Dobson and Norris to be retried. However in yesterdays Daily Mail a photo published of the thugs who murdered Stephen leaving the Inquiry in 1998 also reveals that the London Metropolitan Police also had infiltrated the crowd of protesters.
In the top left hand corner of the photo above you can see former Police Constable Mark Kennedy who has since been outed as an undercover policeman who used sex and acted in a likely agent provocateur role while infiltrating environmentalist groups.

Mark Kennedy

Just keeping an eye on things ? A report of the event


  1. In the top left corner *you* can see Mark Kennedy. I, however, see a pixellated picture of someone with a ballpark resemblance but totally wrong hair colour.

  2. No way is that him. Nobody who ever met him would think so.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. It looks like him to me and I am pretty sure I have met him !! In fact it jumped out to me as I scanned the odious Daily Mail so if you have a reason to say it is not HIM, like that you are he and were not there , let me know ( what it is. However his being at this protest throws up several lies in his narratives and therefore in his agenda :)


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