Saturday, December 27, 2008

David Cochrane owner was/is employee of US Defense contractor

Naoise Nunn former communications officer of Libertas confirms that Libertas employees were in fact being paid by US Defence contractor Rivada

Nunn said David Cochrane, campaign director of Libertas, was an employee of Rivada who operated the Libertas website during 2007. Ganley and McGuirk subsequently disputed Nunn's version of what he, Nunn, and Cochrane, had done in 2007.
Irish Times Thursday, June 19, 2008

In the above article Libertas claim all their funding came from small donors see below for the lies that unfolded later

Ganley fails to provide clarity on Libertas loan


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  2. seems to be a testing ground for Liberats, like their own free polling forum. they stop it going against them by banning any user that they can't control or beat down with abuse. David Cochrane is in with real nastiness and it has rubbed off on him. Horst Wessel of the SA?


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