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Post on that proved Ganley tried to hide the fact that his company Rivada were funding Libertas

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6th December 2008, 12:32 PM

Having said that Rivada never funded Libertas The Times today quote Ganley sa
In a letter to the commission on July 7th, Mr Ganley said that "under the definitions of the elector acts, Rivada Networks Ltd made no donations to Libertas".

Mr Nunn was the "responsible person" in Libertas in relation to the entity's obligations to the commission.

Does that mean they did or they did'nt fund Libertas?

"Libertas activist Naoise Nunn told The Irish Times he was an employee of Rivada who did work for Libertas at the direction of Mr Ganley. Mr Ganley has told the commission that the employees of Rivada who worked on the Libertas campaign did so in a voluntary capacity.

Or does it mean that Nunn's wages paid by Rivada were not covered by the act. Would that be the case?

Well if Nunn was an employee under orders the buck would stop with Libertas and Ganley, if Nunn worked full time he was hardly volunteering "in his spare time"

Here is the link

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  1. Yes the whole thing was funded by a US defence contractor like everyone said before Lisbon and Declan denied.


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