Saturday, December 27, 2008 a Libertas resource tool? is a popular political discussion site. It is "owned " by Libertas employee and activist David Cochrane. David is a university graduate who has been working for Declan Ganley's Rivada and/or Libertas for several years. Whereas is supposed to be a place where members can discuss Irish political issues, news etc It has increasingly also been used by a cadre of Libertas employees working as mods to steer debates and threads so they can not harm Declan Ganley or question his flawed pedigree.
Their interventions have resulted in all anti Libertas posters being abused and banned.
People Korps has been one of many posters who have discussed Declan Ganley's involvement in Russia in the early 1990s, his business affairs esp in Iraq and in Albania and his political hard right leanings, philosophy and friends.

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