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Ganley removes Facts from Libertas website! Peoplekorps publishes them here.

Declan Ganley and his Libertas followers have removed the page called "Facts not politics"from their website.
The page had originally been designed to counter the allegations and reality behind recent media claims made about Ganley. It attempted to answer questions about Ganley's involvment with Kosta Trebicka and the mystery of what happened to the Albanian "Anglo Adriatic Investment Fund" privasiation vouchers and money that Ganley collected in 1996 to 1998.

In 1997 Declan Ganley told the European magazine
'There has been a wariness on the part of big investors to weigh in to
these areas. My talent is spotting opportunities and vacuuming up the
Source "Investor's Albanian fight." The European,March 13, 1997

There was at least one Albanian investor interviewed on Irish National broadcaster RTE's Primetime show who is aware of that talent. He still wonders waht happened to his life savings. You can watch Primetime on RTE's website Ganley Show on RTE

According to the European "A YOUNG Irish entrepreneur is trying to buy Dollars 350 million worth of privatisation vouchers in Albania - undeterred by the civil unrest in the country. The bid represents almost half the total book value the Albanian government has put on the assets it wants to privatise."

Two weeks later the San Francisco Chronicle reported
"Declan Ganley a 28-year-old Irishman, is trying to gather up $ 540 million
worth of privatization vouchers in Albania -- half the book value of
assets that the government wants to sell. Sixty thousand Albanians have
traded their vouchers for shares in Ganley's Anglo Adriatic investment fund."


Declan Ganley's first mention in the Observer came the same month when John Sweeney reported meeting Ganley on his way to Albania and then seeing him:
"Over by the bar chatting to some Albanian chancers is pink-fleshed
gimlet-eyed Declan Ganley, financier from the City of London. Ganley believes in the strength of the Albanian economy. He has to his company Anglo Adriatic does something with funds. I first met him ten days ago
at Rome airport when he was returning from New York to Tirana. He told
me all this mess is just your type hyping it up, Berisha is not in
trouble. All this country need is a couple of good PR men"
Source: "A daily rain falls on Tirana" by John Sweeney The Observer (1791- 2003). London (UK): Mar 16, 1997. p. C4

In May 1997 he claimed the fund would within a week be worth £220,000,000.
Source Underside Dan Atkinson The Guardian (1959-2003); Mar 21, 1997 pg. 24

I will publish the removed info from the Ganley Libertas Eu site below.
Why has Libertas removed this? Is it because this was the first time they put anything of substance on the record and realising that it would provide bench mark statements for comparison with the actual facts they decided the wisest course was to remove such statements?

An example of direct contradiction is the statement from Kosta Trebicka's wife who told RTE's Primetime she knew Mr. Ganley, worked for Anglo Adriatic Investmesnt Fund and also knew his brother Sean. Sean Ganley is a young man the meetings referred to happened recently and not in the 1990s. More on Sean in a later blog.
Ganley's Libertas site recently said
"In fact, Mr. Trebicka never had a personal relationship with Declan Ganley nor did Declan Ganley, to his knowledge, ever meet with Mr. Trebicka."
This has now been removed.

Is this a case of Politics not Facts from ganley?
Any ideas info please email


Facts not politics, learn the truth about Libertas
Source Now deleted
"Libertas is a Eurosceptic organisation"

Libertas is not a Eurosceptic organisation. Libertas is passionately pro-European. We believe that the European Union is one of the most worthwhile, and laudable political projects in history, and we are proud to be able to make some contribution to its future success.

We believe that the growth in Euroscepticism over the past decade threatens the future of the European project. We believe that the widespread and justified concerns about the lack of democracy in the European Union must be addressed now, at this moment, if the project is to sustain the widespread support of the people of Europe, as it should.

Our vision is of a united Europe, which recognises and respects the right of citizens and nations to choose their own destinies, but which encourages all Europeans to reach across the borders of nationality, language, and culture to participate in and invigorate a Union which equips us to meet the challenges of this next phase of European History.

We do not see this ambition in Brussels today. Instead we see an unaccountable elite determined to bulldoze over the expressed will of the people of France, The Netherlands, Ireland and all the peoples of Europe. We see an out of touch clique that is unwilling to acknowledge that they are fuelling Euroscepticism by their unwillingness to listen, and change.

Libertas is not nor will ever be Eurosceptic, but we will listen to Eurosceptics and all other opinion groups with the utmost respect. We will not dismiss the concerns of voters and citizens, we will hear, respond and act upon them. Only by that road can the Europe we envision be created.

"Libertas shares the values of American Neo-Conservatives"

We absolutely do not.

Libertas believes in an international order based on respect and co-operation between the free peoples of the world.

"Declan Ganley made his money through the sale and supply of arms"

This is a poisonous lie. Declan Ganley is not, and never has been, involved in the arms trade. His career spans almost 20 years, starting in the early 1990's building business in the former Soviet Union's forestry and export sectors. His broadband telecommunications company, Broadnet, acquired wireless broadband licences in ten European countries in the 1990's. His current venture, Rivada Networks, is a specialist broadband emergency telecommunications provider which provides vital communications for front line emergency response workers, particularly in disaster scenarios such as hurricanes, earthquakes, floods and other emergency situations where police, fire, medical and military units need to communicate efficiently in order to save lives. Declan Ganley was awarded The Louisiana Distinguished Service Medal for his company's response to Hurricane Katrina. The medal citation credits his actions with saving lives in the aftermath of that natural disaster.

"Mr. Ganley has significant contracts with the US military"

Declan Ganley's company, Rivada Networks, provides highly specialised communications technology to emergency services. In the United States, some of these contracts are with the Department of Homeland Security, whose responsibility it is to protect American citizens against the effects of natural disasters, terrorist attacks, or other emergencies. Rivada also has contracts with police departments and state emergency services. It is when the National Guard and other branches of the military provide 'aid to the civil power' that Rivada has a role with them. Rivada's systems and services are not, nor ever have been, used in a war or conflict situation.

Rivada provides interoperable and integrated communications for multi-emergency responder collaboration - even where normal communications are disabled or destroyed.

"Mr. Ganley profited from the Invasion of Iraq"

This is not true. Declan Ganley did not profit from the invasion of Iraq. Like many European business leaders, Declan Ganley did look at a number of potential projects in Iraq in the telecommunications re-building sector. He formed a consortium that submitted a proposal for one of several mobile network build contracts but the consortium was not awarded a contract. Later he also worked on a project that considered options to build a police and emergency communications network but decided not to proceed with that effort. These projects were about the re-building of civil infrastructure in that country and were not in any way 'war' related.

"Libertas is a front for American Interests; it is funded by the CIA"

This is an outright lie and political slur. Neither Declan Ganley nor Libertas has ever had any connection with the CIA. Neither Declan Ganley, Libertas or any associate of Libertas have ever received any funding, support or contact of any kind from the CIA or any other similar entity. This rumour began when it was first raised in the form of a baseless 'question' by a limited number of unprincipled politicians on the 'Yes' side during the Irish referendum campaign. It was later added to in an irresponsible comment by Alain Juppé, the deputy French Foreign Minister, and subsequently by the leader of the Greens, Daniel Cohn-Bendit, and even the President of the European Parliament, Hans-Gert Pöttering.

When Libertas became a campaigning organisation for the Irish referendum, Mr Ganley provided an initial loan facility to the organisation of €200,000 to enable it to begin a fundraising campaign. Loans for organisations such as Libertas are fully permissible under Irish law. Many Irish political parties have established loan arrangements in the past. Libertas will step up and continue to raise money across Europe from supporters in accordance with national and other relevant laws.

Libertas needs your help to fight the smears against our campaign.

"Mr. Ganley's involvement in Albania left many thousands impoverished"

This story is the result of false rumours and originates from unreliable Albanian web sites. In 1996, Declan Ganley was involved in the creation of the Anglo-Adriatic Investment fund. The fund's role was to help Albanian Citizens benefit from the privatisation of Albanian state assets during the transition period from Communism.

The Anglo-Adriatic Investment Fund was never involved in the fraud associated with so-called pyramid banks or pyramid schemes. Indeed it actively campaigned against such pyramid schemes and called for them to be shut down.

Anglo-Adriatic was established as the only licensed 'privatisation voucher' fund-holding entity. The Albanian government were to identify a number of state-owned assets of appropriate value that were to be privatised by way of a voucher privatisation process. A limited number of vouchers were issued to almost every household in Albania and the concept was that the vouchers should be exchanged for a share of the assets to be privatised by the Albanian government.

The objective of the Anglo-Adriatic fund, as provided for in government legislation, was to pool privatisation vouchers owned by Albanian voucher holders and to enter into discussions with potential foreign investors who would bring cash, expertise and other assets. The result was intended to be privatised assets derived from the voucher holders' shares that had the benefit of external investment and know how to create added value for all shareholders.

Albanian voucher holders who took the option of pooling vouchers with Anglo Adriatic deposited their vouchers in the Savings Bank of Albania (the appointed custodian bank for Anglo Adriatic). This was part of the licensing conditions for Anglo Adriatic. That is to say, Anglo Adriatic could never actually physically hold those vouchers. Every single voucher placed into the fund in this manner is still in physical existence today in the bank vaults controlled by the Albanian Central Bank. Not one single voucher investor has 'lost' their holding as the holding exists and is secured in a vault belonging to Raiffeisen Bank under the control of the Albanian Central Bank. Anglo-Adriatic has made multiple attempts to have subsequent governments of Albania offer assets of appropriate value in exchange for those vouchers.

Unfortunately, the Albanian government has not done this to date. In deference to the Albanian government, there have been some mitigating circumstances. In 1997, the collapse of the aforementioned pyramid schemes led to massive civil unrest and a state of near civil war. This break down in civil law and order resulted in a mass evacuation of foreign nationals carried out by NATO forces including Italian, British, US, French and other forces. Anglo-Adriatic staff were airlifted by the US Marine Corps (who were responsible for securing the sector of Tirana where Anglo Adriatic's office was located) and flown to safety on the USS Nassau which was stationed in the Adriatic. It is hoped and anticipated that the Albanian government will eventually find an appropriate mechanism to honour and redeem the Anglo Adriatic related vouchers and thus provide those voucher holders with appropriate value for their holdings.

The Competition Department of Albania submitted the following comments to the OECD global forum on competition in 2004.

In our view point, the absence of competition culture in Albania constitutes the root cause of impediments to competition. After the approval of the law no. 8044 (7 December 1995) "On Competition", the competition structure has been established within the Ministry of Economic Co-operation and Trade. But from year 1995 to 2001, there has been no consistency in maintaining this structure in charge of enforcing the competition law. The very specific weaknesses of this competition structure include: lack of an appropriate legal framework, lack of an independent institution, lack of sufficient and qualified staff and lack of financial resources in conducting surveys for market data collection.

Who is Kosta Trebicka?

Kosta Trebicka died tragically on 9th September 2008 while driving his off-road vehicle over mountainous terrain in Eastern Bulgaria. Mr.Trebicka had come to public attention because he admirably 'blew the whistle' on alleged public corruption and arms dealing in Albania. He was a key witness in an important legal proceedings and his death was reported by the New York Times.

Put briefly, Mr. Trebicka revealed that old Chinese ammunition was supplied to the Afghan army by the US, using a company called AEY of Florida and an off-shore shell company. It was alleged that the ammunition was being sourced corruptly in an Albanian arms dump. See

At about the same time (March 2008) an Albanian arms depot blew up near the village of Gerdec. This appalling disaster left 26 dead and 350 wounded. Some parts of the Albanian Press made a connection between the quality and storage conditions of the Albanian munitions at Gerdec and the stocks in the Afghan army supply scandal.

After the Irish referendum result and for reasons unknown to Libertas or Declan Ganley, a number of untrue stories began to appear that falsely claimed that an ongoing association existed between Mr. Trebicka and Declan Ganley. For example, on 10 August 2008, a web site called the Albanian Canadian League Information Service declared that

Mr. Trebicka and Mr. Kushi have been for a long time in constant contact with the President of Ganley Group, Declan Ganley, and still maintain a regular relationship with the manager of the fund Anglo-Adriatic", Declan Ganley". Mr. Trebicka is quoted as saying: "Yes, I have often meetings with Declan Ganley and his brother, talking often"

In fact, Mr. Trebicka never had a personal relationship with Declan Ganley nor did Declan Ganley, to his knowledge, ever meet with Mr. Trebicka. It has even been claimed that Mr. Trebicka had a 'senior position' in Anglo Adriatic and that he was a director of Anglo Adriatic. All of these claims are untrue.

Libertas has conducted an inquiry into the facts behind these false claims. We have established that Mr. Trebicka was for some period of time in 1996 or 1997 an employee or consultant for the Albanian Savings Bank. In 1996, the Albanian Savings Bank had the largest branch network in the country and was contracted by Anglo-Adriatic to be the custodian of privatisation vouchers as required by law. As part of that role, the Savings bank collected and processed vouchers throughout their branch network. It seems most likely that Mr Trebicka worked for the savings bank in some sort of voucher processing role. Declan Ganley has no recollection of ever meeting Mr. Trebicka.

Libertas does not know why considerable effort has been expended on fabricating the appearance of a link between Declan Ganley and the late Mr. Trebicka. We presume it is to negatively affect Libertas efforts in campaigning for democracy and accountability at the heart of the Brussels establishment.

Conspiracy Theories

The concerns of the Brussels elite regarding Libertas can be seen in their true light in a piece called "Get Ganley!" written my Mark Mardell. See

Recently, Libertas has learned from reliable sources from within the European Parliament that a senior staff member of the Parliament has been fanning the flames of false news stories about Declan Ganley, circulating the resulting press-cuttings to select members who then treat the file contents as 'new evidence' of negative activities .

Libertas believes that people who live in the real world will see through the smears and attempted distraction and will listen to the arguments.

Source Now deleted

Don Di Marino former Reagan aide and Ganley's business partner since "the early 1990s"

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