Thursday, January 22, 2009

Declan Ganley of Libertas silencing free speech and a free press by issuing spurious threats of legal action?

Ganley says he'll sue!all the time!
where are the actions?

Declan Ganley likes to talk about openness, democracy & transparency – but
does not always accept a central feature of an open democracy – the right to hold an
opinion that differs from Ganley's own.
Declan Ganley frequently threatens
litigation. In this he is travelling the same path as James Goldsmith
another rich Europhobe who used the threat of Court action to silence

1. In the last week of November 2008, Ganley's solicitors issued
threats of legal action to Irish politicians, including Joe Costello
of the Irish Labour Party. This follows comments by Costello regarding
Libertas funding. According to the Irish Times "Mr Ganley has
threatened to sue Mr Costello for substantial damages, following Mr
Costello's charge that the Libertas founder has "a subversive foreign

2. Ganley also threatened to sue Jim Higgins MEP

3. Ganley has issued several threats to take on journalists incl the
RTE team that produced the Prime Time special

4 Irish Times journalist and long time reporter on Declan Ganley's strange affairs
Colm Keena has been threatened with legal action.

5. In May 1999 he threatened to sue the Irish state on being told that the
the representitives of the Irish government would not continue discussions on
Ganley' s purchase of a fertilizer plant IFI in Co. Wicklow. When told that the
was not interested in further discussions on his plans for IFI Ganley
got very pissed off and said siad he would go to the Courts for redress.
Told by a director at IFI, that "…
that the shareholders had jointly decided
to stop
discussions with Grande Portage and that they were reassessing the
options available to them. "[Ganley] replied by saying, 'It was going
to get interesting and this was not good enough.' He said he would
pass on the matter to his solicitors and he was not going to sit back
and let this all happen.' Ganley added 'I will take legal action and
this will end up somewhere in the High Court.' Ganley never sued. See
Fertiliser bomb ignited Ganley's anger, Sunday Tribune 19 January
2009. reproduced below

6. He did commence an action against the Irish state on the mobile phone
license – his bid was the lowest scoring in the contest – the case was
ultimately thrown out.

7. Action has even been threatened against people posting messages on, a website controlled by one of his associates David Cochrane
an employee of Libertas who owns and runs the site with Ganley
promotion in mind.

Fertiliser bomb ignited
Ganley's anger
Public Affairs
Ken Foxe reports
Sunday Tribune

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