Sunday, January 25, 2009

Libertas statement clash Ganley contradicts Libertas staff again

Libertas spokeperson who was contradicted by Ganley this week was Anita Kelly

This is similar to the denials by Ganley that Naoise Nunn former Libertas campaign director who said that he had been paid by Rivada to work on Libertas which Ganley denied.

Rivada Networks is Ganley's military communications company. Its main clients through its subsidery Rivada Pacific are the Us Defence Dept.
This is obviously why Declan wanted to contradict Nunn. Czech MEP's Libertas appears without Ganley's knowledge
ČTK / JANUARY 23, 2009
Prague, Jan 22 (CTK) - Czech MEP Vladimir Zelezny registered its political party without the knowledge of Declan Ganley,
Irish opponent of the EU reform Lisbon treaty and founder of the
Libertas movement, the server has said.
According to the server, Ganley has confirmed in a press release that was established in the Czech Republic but without his
Zelezny did not register the trademark at the request of
the mother Libertas movement based in Dublin or Brussels. He did it
out of admiration and in support of the Libertas project that is known
in the whole of Europe, the server quotes Ganley's statement as
According to, Ganley also said in the press release that he
did not ask Zelezny to lead the list of candidates for the
European Parliament elections or to help his movement in its campaign.
Zelezny has not yet commented on the server information.
However, Anita Kelly, spokeswoman for the pan-European Libertas
movement, told the Czech daily Lidove noviny on Tuesday that Zelezny's
movement was Libertas's branch.
Zelezny is chairman of the extra-parliamentary Independent Democrats movement.
His aide in the European Parliament, Martina Rozsivalova, said on
Tuesday that Zelezny was one of the signatories of the document on the
establishment of the pan-European
Signatures of a certain number of members of the European Parliament
and national parliaments were necessary to establish the party.
Rozsivalova said was still being formed.
On Monday, the new Czech right-wing Party of Free Citizens (SSO) also
asked the Interior Ministry for registration, its founder Petr Mach,
who is Centre for Economics and Politics (CEP) executive director, has
Mach, a close collaborator of President Vaclav Klaus who is famous for
his Euroscepticism, said his party also wanted to cooperate with
Ganley's Libertas, the movement of Irish opponents of the Lisbon

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