Monday, June 8, 2009

70,638 reasons to be ashamed to be Irish

70,638 reasons to be ashamed to be Irish?
The number of voters in the NW who gave Declan Ganley a far right fascist political candidate their vote

Libertas can now crawl back into the hole they came out of but the Irish people who voted for Ganley should?


  1. Seems like his recheck "request" backfired slightly as his total dropped to 67,638. I'm just hoping that his defeat means that we never get to see the documentary he was making.

  2. Yep but I'm proud to be one of the half a million Irish who didn't...

  3. They are not Far Right. I'm proud of the Ganley voters. We don't want to lose our independence to the European Superstate. I hope Brussels is paying you well.

  4. You realy are fascists Peolpe Korps!


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