Monday, June 15, 2009

Dublin taxi drivers sporting illegal stickers should have their plates revoked

The Gardai have been lax in their acceptance of taxi drivers sporting racist "We the people " stickers. It is time for citizens to take action. These taxi drivers should be boycotted. Do not accept carriage from taxi drivers whose cabs bear the blue "We the People" stickers with the harp and a message about the Irish constitution.
Journalists and politicians please highlight this issue.
Citizens make your voices heard report all these drivers to the Gardai at your nearest police station or the Carriage Office in Dublin.

see Decaln Ganley's endorsement of racist taxi drivers

All taxi drivers sporting such stickers should be photographed with their stickers and registration numbers and taxi number and these should be forwarded to me at and the carriage office at Dublin Castle. let's run these racists off the road. All info in strictest confidence to You can also call the organiser of this racist alliance on his personal mobile phone he is
Jim Waldon tel 0872431862

Jim you deserve to not have a taxi . This blog will work to ensure that the Gardai are aware of your activities.


When making a complaint it is be essential that you have the licence number of the vehicle and the name of the driver if possible in order that the complaint can be investigated. Enforcement is a matter for the Gardaí. Complaints about taxis, hackneys and limousines, including those of overcharging, in taxis, should be made to the Gardaí. The Carriage office in Dublin Castle handles complaints relating to Dublin taxis only. Complaints can be made to any Garda station, or to the relevant Garda PSV officer on a local or regional basis.

Complaints Section, Garda Carriage Office
Dublin Castle, Dublin 2. Tel: 01 - 666 9864

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