Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Is Ganley Gone for Good?

I have been in touch with Declan Ganley after the EU elections. We exchanged cordial and civilised exchanges re our future intentions. Both of us have had our fill of politics or so it seemed.

However, as the days pass I am inundated with emails from his former colleagues asking me why I am more interested in the disasters and disgraces of e.g. John McGuirk and Caroline Simons, rather than the of the subject of this blog Declan Ganley and his Libertas.

The same can be said for Declan Ganley's former antagonists, emails arrive stating that I have gone soft on Libertas and am ignoring the big issues Lisbon II.

Well I am just here holding my own as one blogger against the fascist hordes.]
There are plenty people arguing for Lisbon, The Edge, Peter Sutherland etc, there are plenty arguing against it too, the Pro lifers, Youth defence, Taxi drivers for change etc.

However, it is clear and has always been clear ,my main interest has been the annihilation of an anti Islamic , anti-black, anti -Irish, anti-Republican, racist, pro-Nazi alliance that was pro right-wing militarisation, pro- attacks on freedom, and had the potential to form a new version of Hitler's party to defile Europe and which lied about almost everything and was desperate to declare war on the Arab Middle East.
Libertas has been defeated for now.

The question is are you ready to ensure that such a party stays defeated?

If you are email peoplekorps@gmail.com and let's see what can be done.

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