Monday, August 9, 2010

Hermann Kelly

Hermann Kellly has landed a job as as a press spokesman for the ultra far-right EFD group in the European Parliament. It seems he has found his home at last. Kelly helped Libertas MEP hopeful Raymond O Malley in his campaign which brought forward a strongly anti immigrant platform.
Libertas even proposed that Irish citizens north and south should need work visas in order to work in either of the respective jurisdictions on the island.

The EFD is a grouping of xenophobes, racists and Nazis see
In June he was apologised to by EU Reporter after someone circulated stacks of fliers in the parliament claiming Nigel Farage MEP, Mr Godfrey Bloom MEP (UKIP) were to be speakers at a Bilderberg group conspiracy theory book lauch.

Kelly has found his natural level but on a European stage among a group of far right cranks and people hating zealots of the far right.
Apparently the posters and fliers distributed in the European Parliament’s press centre on Tuesday (June 1) that clearly listed Mr Farage and Mr Godfrey Bloom as speakers at a press conference for the launch of Daniel Estulin’s book ‘Bilderberg Group -Towards Creation of One World Company Ltd’ were forgeries.
Whoever put them in great numbers in the racks reserved for announcements by political groups had, as shown in the copy we reproduced and which can be seen alongside the story, forged the logo of UKIP and placed it prominently at the left hand top corner opposite that of Lega Nord as sponsors. We have the word of Mr Hermann Kelly for the fact that this was completely false.

An Apology from EU Reporter

Kelly needs to be watched by the EU Reporter more closely. Original article here

I would also suggest cctv footage be examined to see who did put out the fliers.

Say NO to the Christotaliban and its alliance with the UK and European hard right.

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