Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Nicolas Sarközy, the Roma and the Junkies he feeds at French taxpayer's expense.

Nicolas Sarközy is deporting Roma. Does any one care about Roma? He is deporting men , woman and children and according to him this is to suppress crime.
Does any one care about Roma?
Nicolas Sarközy is a descendant of Hungarian emigrants to France. Does anyone care about Roma?
Nicolas Sarközy is a proto fascist whose dinner talk is unsavory.
So what. Does anyone care about the Roma?

In Private
Nicolas Sarközy talks about having sexual relations with his wife in front of dinner guests in the Élysée Palace.
Nicolas Sarközy has entertained for dinner, junkies and ex-junky friends of Carla Bruni. All criminals in the past and some in the present.
One week before his first state visit to the UK, he boasted at dinner about the pomp and ceremony they would have . He told Carla about the carriage they would be drawn in and then asserted that: "Next week we will be staying in Buckingham Palace and I will fuck you hard in the bedroom under the Queen of fucking England". This was not a private chat it took palce in front of dinner guests at the seat of the French NATION. This from the man who wishes to take a higher moral ground? DOES ANYONE CARE ABOUT THE ROMA? This is the man who is President of France???????

I dont care if his wife fucked members of the French post punk group Telefon, Mick Jagger or a baboon from the Vincennes' Zoo.
I don't care if he entertains junkies in the presidential palace at French taxpayer's expense.
I do care if he wishes to take the higher moral ground on the basis of Nazi policies of arrest and deportation of minorities.

Does anyone care about the Roma? Perhaps not! However, it is the principles that he follows in the the lineage of other persecutors and hate mongers who killed Jews, Roma, communists, the handicapped, dissenters and homosexuals in death camps and who removed citizenship from segments of the population in order to degrade and murder them in Europe.............. Boringly repetitive as it may sound .....he follows in the path of Adolf Hitler in these policies.
Whereas this blogger cares little about Nicolas Sarközy's penile fantasies, nor about the fact that he is a bit Hungarian................ "SHOCK".................. DOES ANYONE CARE ABOUT THE ROMA? NOT ENOUGH IT SEEMS OR THE FRENCH UNIONS AND PEOPLE WOULD DECLARE A NATIONAL STRIKE UNTIL THIS DEPORTATION POLICY ENDS.

Sarközy, may run a state but it is now my life's mission to remove him , democratically from office.
Sarközy disgraces France and the French Nation and not with his penile fantasys nor his dirty mouth. He is a parasite feeding on fear and the lowest common denominator, hatred.
People Korps knows all about Sarközy ........................................his electorate should know it too.
Fight Crime ...Deport Sarközy .

Any journalists who wish to know the facts of Sarközy's junky soirées may email peoplekorp@gmail.com


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