Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tea Baggers No.1 threat to global democracy and peace

Fox News's chief tea bagger, Glenn Beck, has smeared the tradition and legacy of Martin Luther King Jnr. today by staging a far right gathering at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington on the anniversary of Dr. King's famous "I have a dream" speech. The “far right, populist Tea Party movement" is making strides in the USA ESPOUSING A RACIST AND FAR RIGHT CHRISTIAN agenda. Disturbingly, Beck asserted that the secular democracy that is the U.S.A., should be consigned to the garbage heap. Beck told crowds "Something beyond imagination is happening," Mr Beck said at the Lincoln Memorial. "America today begins to turn back to god."

Well Mr Beck, what kind of God is that?
Is it a God whose followers shout "Nigger" at elected representatives like Rep. John Lewis, a Georgia congressman and civil rights icon who was nearly beaten to death during an Alabama march in the 1960s? In March he and other Black Caucus members were heckled with obscenities and racist abuse by Tea baggers.
Angry activists who had gathered outside the Capitol to protest health care reform Saturday yelled "nigger" at a few members of the Congressional Black Caucus, including civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis from Georgia.
Protesters also spat on at least one black lawmaker, and the most high-profile openly gay lawmaker, Rep Barney Frank, was apparently called a "faggot." Rep Emanuel Cleaver said he was spat upon while walking toward the Capitol. Police arrested the assailant, but Cleaver decided not to press charges.

However Lewis who was active in Dr King’s movement and marched with M.L.K. in the 1960s said afterwards "I've faced this before. It reminded me of the 60s. It was a lot of downright hate and anger and people being downright mean.”

People in Ireland and Europe should be aware that the Christian far right is determined to make an impression in Europe. Despite their complete failure politically in 2009, there seems to be some life yet in the Christo-taliban followers of Declan Ganley and his far right Libertas party. Just this week, John McGuirk, who famously called the candidate he worked for, Caroline Simons, a "psychotic bitch" after she lost miserably at the June 2009 European elections in Ireland, was on TV3 floating the cause of a new far right political party. Libertas were a far right, supposedly Christian party which ran hundreds of candidates in the 2009 European elections. Is this the same Christ whose supporters shout "Nigger" at black men who were democratically elected? Not according to my catechism.
Libertas managed to get one seat in the European parliament with French Viscount, Phillipe De Villiers, retaining his seat. De Villiers' MPF party held three seats before joining Declan Ganley's crusade. Their two other sitting MEPs were unseated in June 2009 and the nutty Viscount promptly left Libertas with his party destroyed. He is now aligned with French president Nicolas Sarközy's UMP party which started the mass deportation of Roma last week. The so called Christian right might bear in mind that the Pope condemned Sarközy's actions.

Sadly, in Ireland last week, the panel on Tonight with Vincent Browne which, included a junior minister, Conor Lenihan, a member of the Socialist Party, Clare Daly, and a professor of politics, Gary Murphy, from DCU, were not versed with the facts of the associations which McGuirk has kept and which the Libertas party utilised for their pan European crusade. No one should face McGuirk on TV without revisiting his sordid political associations with xenophobes, homo-phobes and holocaust deniers. McGuirk also worked for a candidate who sought to further divide Ireland by seeking to impose a work permit scheme on workers who wished to work on either side of the border. This blog will be keeping a close eye on McGuirk and his former Libertas colleagues and rest assured that all research material will be made available to any journalist or politician who wishes to shine a light on the murky world of the new far right in Ireland and Europe.


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