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Leader of Slovakian party Sloboda a Solidarita, Richard Šulík, who believes Gypsies should be sterilised is made offer by Declan Ganley and Libertas

In late January a meeting was held in an upstairs room at the Czech Inn, a pub in Dublin's Temple bar. The meeting was for Slovakians living in Ireland and the purpose of the meeting was to promote a new political party Sloboda a Solidarita. Though Libertas are not on the final lists running in Slovakia it seems that Libertas have asked the new party to work with them and they have been considering their position. One of the issues raised at the meeting was the question of Jews and their treatment in Slovakia during World War II. The concluding point from the platform at this meeting in Dublin in January 2009 about the treatment of Slovakian Jews was "Something had to be done".

After the formal meeting those in attendance went downstairs to the bar where informal discussion took place in a social setting. One of the points that excited the Sloboda a Solidarita cadre organising the meeting was the fact that the party expected to receive funding and support from Declan Ganley and Libertas. It's founder Richard Sulík was courted by Libertas leader Declan Ganley at a recent meeting in Bratislava . The first post below is from the official Libertas website.

Slovakia is "fertile ground for the Libertas message of democracy, accountability and transparency"

Tuesday, 17 March 2009 09:31

Large numbers of Slovakians signed up today to hear the Libertas message of democracy, accountability and transparency in a speech given by Declan Ganley in Bratislava.

Mr. Ganley, the Chairman of Libertas, is in Bratislava as part of the preparations for Libertas's European Parliament election campaign in Slovakia.

Jan Oravec, former Chief of Strategy of the Ministry of Economy and President of the Hayek Foundation who hosted Declan Ganley said "Slovakia is fertile ground for the Libertas message of democracy, accountability and transparency. We are great supporters of the European Union, but are disappointed in the anti-democratic way it's being run. Slovakians, particularly in these difficult economic times, want a better deal from Europe".

Amongst the leading figures that Libertas met with in Bratislava are Mr. Jan Carnogursky, former Prime Minister of Slovakia, from the KDH party, Mr. Vladimir Palko, former Minister of Justice from the KDS party, Mr Peter Zajac, Mr Peter Osusky and Mr Ondrej Dostal from the OKS party, and Mr Richard Sulík, President of the Freedom and Solidarity party.

At a public speech in a packed venue with invited members of the public, Declan Ganley encouraged Slovakians to play their part in making a better Europe for themselves. "Non-elected, unaccountable bureaucrats are making decisions in Brussels that change the way you live your life. They never have to answer for their actions at the ballot box. The established parties are happy to keep it that way. If you want to have more say , then vote for a Libertas candidate at the June elections" .

Speaking on the economy, Declan said "Libertas believes that a united Europe has the opportunity to reshape the global economy and lead the way to recovery. Economic recovery in Europe and in Slovakia will come from smart policies that create an environment where people are prepared and encouraged to create more small and medium-sized businesses. These create more new jobs than any other sector. It's where innovation and the true genius of European creativity resides."

Libertas also will stand with us?

Here is what Sulík had to say after meeting Ganley
Libertas also will stand with us?
By the third morning in Bratislava Ganley sat with the tax reform author Richard Šulíka of the Freedom and Solidarity "We received an offer for cooperation, and are considering that," said Sulík. Link to Google translate version

Here is what happened to the majority of Slovakian Jews under the Nazi collaborating government of Slovakia.

Slovakia was also the first Axis partner to consent to the deportation of its Jewish residents in the framework of the "Final Solution." According to a census of December 15, 1940, there were about 88,951 Jews in Slovakia. In March 1942, Slovakia signed an agreement with Germany that permitted the deportation of the Slovak Jews. Between March and October 1942, Slovak gendarmes, assisted by Slovak military personnel, units of the Slovak People's Party's paramilitary organization, the Hlinka Guard, and members of the Slovak ethnic German paramilitary formation Freiwillige Schutzstaffel (Volunteer SS), concentrated some 57,000 Slovak Jews in indigenously established labor and concentration camps -- mainly in the camps Sered, Novaky, and Vyhne.

The Slovak authorities then transported the Jews to the border of the Government General or the German Reich and turned them over to German SS and police. German authorities killed virtually all of these Jews in Auschwitz, Lublin/Majdanek, Sobibor, and other locations in German-occupied Poland. Perhaps 300 survived the war. Among them were Alfred Wetzler and Walter Rosenberg (alias Rudolf Vrba), who escaped from Auschwitz in the spring of 1944 and compiled the first detailed report on operations there for general dissemination in the west.

I asked a relative of mine's Slovakian girlfriend, who was at the meeting as she was interested in the new parties rhetoric, to look into Šulík, here is what she had to say. She also translated one of his recent articles.Align Center

Richard Šulík,

"I went through your blog, nice job!

As my boyfriend mentioned to you, there is a new party who are very ambitious about getting some seats in the Slovak parliament in next year's election.
They're claiming themselves to be 'liberal' and so is their platform /from the economic point of view. The leader of this party (Richard Sulik) is rather 'nationalistic' with some scary views on the gypsy ethnicity which he's apparently not afraid to write down and post in an article in newspapers and his blog .

I got the feeling his party will join Libertas sooner or later. Richard already met Declan Ganley a couple of weeks ago.. a proposal has been made to the party
which is still being considered.

As you suggested I translated some of his blogs/forum posts into English. especially the one where he's talking about 'The 'particular ethnic problem' (his own words).

Anyway the party Sloboda a Solidarita was the one I was hoping would be the ideal for me as a liberal - centralist person as their idea of 'freedom and solidarity' was something I could imagine myself to agree with, after reading some of Richard's blogs I'm very concerned.. If they join libertas then it will be even clearer for me.

Just drop me an email if you'll want to know more about the progress here in Eastern Europe

What I hate is their abusing words like freedom and liberalism in their extremist propaganda
They come up with appealing economic reforms first.. then they start talking about gypsies who're not facing the consequences for their crimes and their unwillingness to work the same way as the other people must face i.e "white" people.

good luck with your blog"

Here is her translation of an article by Sulnick

I finished translating this article, here's the link to the source
The newspaper is one of the biggest ones in Slovakia, previously known for their rather liberal views the author is Richard Sulik, the leader of Sloboda a Solidarita. The article was written by the end of last year. The party was founded some weeks ago. Their goals are: be elected to the parliament in 2010, gain some seats, so they would have the commercial space for their PR. In 2014 they want to be in the government.

Here's my translation

Is a politically correct name for our black-ish brothers, and regardless what name we’ll choose it is along with the "First Pillar" (referring to a Slovak social welfare payment system) Slovakia’s problem No.1. While the problem with First Pillar is explicitly about money and there is at least a proposed solution, the problem with Roman (gypsy) ethnicity is extreme in many dimensions and the solution is not within our sights.

Sociologists are concerned that in 21st century and in the centre of Europe, people live in slums, light years away from basic hygienic standards. Demographics show the problem is in the tremendous increase in population. Economists see the problem with this group’s receiving of payments and not contributing to the State’s expenses. They cost the State is not a small amount of money. Criminologists and statisticians could talk for hours as well.

Another concern is that for 20 years, we’re have been closing our eyes to the problems related to this Specific Ethnicity, for example, by not registering the race of the recipients of social payments or the criminals. Yes, I know, it would not be politically correct. But what is the situation now? In fact we know nothing about them. They live with us, but we don’t have a clue how much they cost us, how many of them have a job or how many of them are criminals. We don’t know because it is impolite, because of the administrators from Brussels , because who would want to be considered a racist? The problem is big and it is ideal to be postponed until the next elections. Who would want to lose those votes?

Of course it is not required to register the ethnic background of people (in receipt the social welfare payments and criminals, as we do not register that we don’t look at it at all. But it is not like that. By having a sexual intercourse with a 14 year old, by neglecting parental responsibilities, by not paying the electricity bills for several years, by stealing potatoes and wood a Whiteman is sent to jail, but a ‘member of Specific ethnicity’ faces no consequences. This statement is not racism, it is i a bare fact we are closing our eyes to. Government’s only effort was to pay 2500 Euro for first 3 children. In case the mother is not adult yet, her parents would get the money. And here we are.

My Slovakian source added

oh and in one of his posts on the party's page on Facebook he's actually stating that there should be a plan for voluntary sterilizations of gypsy women (they would be paid some 3000 euro for being sterilized after 3rd child)

So this is the type of people that Ganley courts in his bid to entrap Europe. Libertas will no doubt regard this blog entry as lies and say they have made no offer to Sulík, the facts speak for themselves. notes that Šulík met Ganley and Šulík has started that he has received an offer from Libertas. How long can this charade be allowed to continue. It is my opinion that Libertas and its allies should be the subject of criminal investigations into funding and incitement to race hatred. It is time to stand up and be counted. regardless of your attitude and opinion to the Lisbon Treaty and the EU this attack on our democracy can not be allowed to proceed.

It is time to resist Libertas by all means available. Libertas can not be allowed to get a foothold inside our democratic institutions.


  1. First of all it is Sulik not Šulik.
    Second, He newer said anything about sterilization of gipsy woman.

    What is the point of this propaganda?

  2. I would just like to thank you for posting this information about Libertas and its dealings with extremists from the right. I am concerned about their rise and of their threat to all Europeans. I am all in favour of opposition parties in politics but not at the expense of alienating minorities within our community. A vote for Libertas will move us to a position of segregation based on ethnicity, religion and gender. I will be voting as I have always done for a candidate who represents all people in the community. It seems to me that Libertas have tapped in to the anti European sentiment. Intolerance florishes with an economic downturn. Thank you once again for the information.


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