Saturday, April 4, 2009

No to Zylon B No To Ganley. Peoplekorps mailbag

This just in from Holland , I find its tone and misguided nature interesting. Ganley's propaganda is designed to encourage this type of ghettoised thinking , this poor boy/girl thinks that Ganley will save him/her Europe from fascists.

I have referred the writer to Mr. Ganley's unsavoury neocon pals from the USA ie the hard right war-mongers he works with/for. Or perhaps he should look to Europe where Ganley has made a pan European alliance with fascists racists and Jew haters.

For me it is not about Lisbon or the EU it is about stopping this white trash rotten gang before they destroy too much.
No to Zyklon B
No to Ganley

Marcel [surname and email address redacted by Libertas nein Danke]
date4 April 2009 15:47
because of your opposition to democracy loving man of the people mr Ganley, you are an enemy of democracy
you support the Fourth Reich (EU) and its fascist Lisbon Treaty


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  1. You should also refer the writer to the claims by Libertas of "bringing accountability and transparency to the EU" - when there does not appear to be a of bringing accountability and transparency to Libertas' own funding.
    It also appears that Ganley and Libertas count on the stupidity of some in the electorate - and this is offensive!
    Thanks for your blog!


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