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One from the boards an American on Europe and Ganley

Note that the first quote is from a Libertas intern "Lia" from Greece with a user name "United Sates of Europe". Does this mean Ganley does want a federal Europe? What do Libertas actually stand for. This Lia is being paid to sit all day sending spam and spaming borads with inane rubbish on Ganley's behalf.
I just realised tonight that 4 of my gmail accounts are registered with Libertas for info. If they are counting all four as their Irish grassroots are they in for a shock in June?

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UnitedStatesofEurope wrote:
Hello, my name is Lia, I am from Greece. I am working in Brussels to help build the first all-Europe political party, Libertas. Libertas is a grassroots movement built by its supporters, European citizens, for all of us, to bring democracy, accountability and transparency in the European Union.
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The European elections is only 6
8 days away, so help us out, to create a new hope for us and our Europe!!

Well on the main page of Libertas' website I can clearly spot De Villiers, a notorious french Eurosceptic.
You tried to trapped us, did you?

This is the same low-life rubbish from the political parties in the US. The reality is that Europeans are quite a bit smarter than Americans and simply do not read "democracy, accountability and transparency in the European Union" - while at the same time dismissing the lack of democracy, accountability and transparency of Libertas.

In the US they say "we're for taxcuts," but the reality is that they are for "taxcuts" for the rich and wealthy only! I PRIDICT that Libertas will talk about the old and misused notion of "taxpayers' concerns" - as they do in the US - which means pampering the very wealthy, people who are of Declan Ganley's ilk, while at the same time it's the working class that pays all the taxes! These are the same old lines I used to see from Reagan years ago (yes I'm old enough!) - along with the attacks on welfare, education and jobs for the "little people."

This is all about "democracy" as "referendums" and harvisting popular misunderstanding about the European Union (just as with the Lisbon Treaty in Ireland) and the well-known, citizen-leader divide in European-level politics, with the ultimate goal of destroying the European Union. The Union is going too far, especially in EDSP, from the American leash and chain. The Lisbon Treaty is viewed as threatening to NATO and to the Anglo-American "special relationship" and must be put asunder. This is why they are soooooooooooo obsessed with stopping the Lisbon Treaty. Another sin that "socialist, pacifist and immoral Europe" committed was not supporting Bush's "war on terrorism" and the Iraq War.

The reality is that Libertas is an American-neoconservative party that wants to get rid of European welfare states, national health care systems (and just about anything connected with social rights), as well as human rights and to destroy what they see as "socialist Europe" - and bring about the same policies of deregulation and "trickle down" that have just about destroyed the US economy and destabilized the world economy.

These are Reagan-Thatcherites that want to craft Europe in their American neoconservative and Thatcher-Reagan one...

Libertas? Nein Danke!
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