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Longford Calling Longford calling Franco loving hard right abortion activist Chairs Libertas in Longford

I have to clear up some issues regarding the guy who claims to be Libertas Chairman in Longford
he featured on ANTI FASCIST IRELAND in 2004. It seems that James Reynolds is a complete
this just in from our reporter in Longford. He is an admirer of Franco and is a complete right wing nut job. James Reynolds is today's featured Libertas
Longford Observer said... I think you're getting your James (Jim) Reynoldses mixed up.

Firstly, Albert Reynolds's son is called Philip. Jim Reynolds, who owns the Longford Arms Hotel in Longford town is Albert Reynolds's brother...

But I don't think either is the James Reynolds involved with Libertas.

This is the James Reynolds who describes himself as Chairman of Longford Libertas (aren't we blessed?).

He is a former county chairman of the IFA (elected because no-one else went for the job and got rid of pretty rapidly) who stood at the last local elections in the Granard area and is a (former?) associate of Justin Barrett.

He was interviewed in a book a while back about his ideological wanderings from Unionism to Fine Gael to Fascism to Catholic fundamentalism (not necessarily in that order). Unfortunately I can't remember the author at the moment.

He was formerly involved with Youth Defence and was quoted in an article in Hot Press as being of the opinion that people like Nora Owen and Monica Barnes would have been shot in Franco's Spain.

A complete and utter loon.
Watch out for a provocative local election campaign in Granard from ex-Blueshirt and former Longford IFA President, James Reynolds, a buddy of Justin Barrett, the No to Nice campaigner who turned out to have some interesting connections to the far right across Europe.

Reynolds made some provocative remarks to the Longford News recently and demanded that immigrants "should all be deported" going on to say that "I know these people can’t work. But if they could they wouldn’t work here." Reynolds added that "the only determination in being an Irish citizen should be that you have Irish blood" before going on to claim that "we, the Irish, will become a minority in this country." It was reassuring, therefore, to read in the same interview that Reynolds is totally opposed to racism and he told the newspaper "I condemn racism".

Barrett has gone into political hibernation since he was outed as a participant in some lurid far right rallies in Italy and German but he appears to have received a new lease of life with his comrade, Reynolds in their current base of Granard. The two are inseparable and, touchingly. They are regular attendants at Tridentine Mass in Athlone.

(The Phoenix - 23rd April 2004)

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